Published: 03-12-2019

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Birdman: Movie Summary And Analysis

Right after watching Birdman, the scene that was most potent and important, for me, was the ending of both the film and Riggan’s play within the film. It is challenging to say specifically when this scene starts because of the reality that the whole movie is shot in the illusion of becoming 1 continuous take. Let’s say it starts proper when Riggan’s ex-wife leaves his dressing area and Riggan begins to get prepared for the final scene. He puts on his wig, starts performing vocal warm ups, and to the viewers surprise grabs a real gun, which is created clear when he checks the bullets. As Riggan does this he is surprisingly calm. All whilst he is preparing, the camera is floating around him tracking his movements. All through the film the camera feels like this omniscient getting that floats about and requires the viewer on a journey showing us almost everything of purpose. Following Riggan has cocked the gun he raises his arm to point to the door. The camera turns to where he is pointing and begins to move separately from Riggan. The moment the camera separates from Riggan drums begin to play and Riggan’s vocal warm ups fade out. As the camera starts to move out the door and via the hallway it becomes clear that it has assumed a 1st-particular person viewpoint of Riggan when a man seems and says, “Break a leg Mr. Thompson” into the camera. The hallway we are moving by way of is narrow and dark and along with the drums it adds a sense of anxiousness of what is about to take place. As the hallway comes to a turn the camera alterations roles again and turns the opposite way to see a man playing the drums. Seeing this drummer distorts our sense of reality due to the fact it brings this film score to life. The camera is now moving backwards with the concentrate on the drummer, Riggan then walks in front of the camera. It is as if the drummer is playing Riggan off. As Riggan walks away from the drummer the lights modify to blue which signal a modify in environment and the approaching final scene of Riggan’s play. There are also ambient noises that guide us by means of this transition. It begins with a cough then a make up artist who is speaking to Riggan but the camera stays on Riggan’s face and only moves his position within the frame slightly to show his surroundings. Riggan then walks up to his entrance and thunder is a queue that he is about to enter. He is silhouetted by a red light and is calm just before the storm. He enters the stage. When he is going via his element the camera is slowly spinning about him. As it spins it shows the two other actors and also the audience. Everything is revolving about Riggan. Right after he finishes his portion he walks into the spotlight revealing his accurate self to the audience. He raises the gun and shoots himself. He falls out of the frame. The camera is now seeking at the audience. The audience stands and offers a standing ovation. Nevertheless, 1 particular person doesn’t stand, the critic. Prior to long she stands up and leaves as every person is clapping. The camera then looks up and towards the light we then see the very first intentional cut in the entire film. It cuts to shots of a drum line, jellyfish, and comet moving by means of the sky. These are the moments before his death. Inside this scene Riggan finds that he is in control of his own happiness. He doesn’t care about the critic, and his life ends with the standing ovation of the audience. He has finally reached happiness.
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