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Casa Tomada Essay

Julio Cortazar was one of most important Argentinian authors ever. He was one of those big students of short tales and was equated to variety of Jorge Luis Borges. Cortazar’s writing is closely related to social and cultural worlds of south america and particularly Argentina. The essay can start with the past of Julio Cortazar including his background influences and the fashion of his texts with emphasis on This short history ‘ La Casa Tomada ’. So this shall take on to this investigation of the management of characters that are regarded as “ foreigners ” at this narrative focusing on the various interpretations of the main characters and the unknown invaders that take over the house. Moreover, the part of these “ outsiders ” can be talked about pertaining to the socio-political experience of Cortazar and the effect of opinions on his work, incorporating the socio-political position in Buenos Aires, Argentina at that time.
This history existing concentrated on, ‘ La Casa Tomada ’ by Julio Cortazar, was initially issued at this 1946 critique ‘ Los Anales de Buenos Aires ’ which was conducted by Jorge Luis Borges. It then looked his at his opening book of short stories ‘ Bestario ’ in 1951. ( in this story, the middle-aged friend and sister live together in the ancient large family home, situated in the North region of Buenos Aires. They spend their days doing mundane jobs with small variation. This sibling, Irene, knits and this friend reads and collects stamps. They both remove the home and make meals together.
For instance, there is the feeling about the siblings that had expelled from their house at Casa Tomada. There was one moment in which it was told that this story… was a history that needed to be like the allegory of Peronism and the Argentinian condition. Is that true or is that simply the attribution from the street? (Soler) at cortázar’s answer we see that argumentative model I need to make in the essay: Writing puts us on the symbolic point of creation of the reality that is said obliquely through narrated imagery: It is in these images that we find the penetrating forces of socio-political transformation.

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