Published: 07-12-2019

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A Discussion on Fairness in Teaching Students with Disabilities

Fairness is far more than just providing everybody the exact same treatment. Fairness is about giving everyone an equal chance at life to fulfill ambitions and learn personal potentials. One of the crucial issues I remembered from our course is to constantly use individuals 1st language. I didn’t understand ahead of and couldn’t articulate why words like the “R” word or talking about a person such as “autistic” rather than someone with autism would be devaluing them and sort of stripping them of personhood. Fairness is treating people like true persons who may possibly come from distinctive and diverse situations and not assuming absolutely everyone is the identical. From this course about teaching students with disabilities, the lectures, the content material, the videos, and the extremely informative families’ panel, I’ve discovered to see men and women with disabilities a lot more as people rather than the disability. I think that is anything most people struggle with due to the fact they have not been in speak to with, connected to, or emphasized with people with disabilities. I fall in that population too. I don’t have close friends or household members with disabilities that I’m close to, and it is tougher as adults to be open-minded. The course and the videos like the families panel were truly eye-opening for me. I didn’t know, just before taking the course, of the struggles that students with disabilities, parents and households had to go through, such as dealing with incompetence in the public college technique and not getting the supports and aid and information to accommodate and assist their youngsters grow in positive ways. It is portion of the teacher’s job to figure out methods to accommodate all students to the ideal of their potential and with the aid of specialists and with resources like parents and households of students.

These are people, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, household and buddies who have hopes and dreams and feelings and special personalities. Fairness and equality is not just providing every little thing the very same sources and saying that’s good sufficient. It doesn’t perform like that. Just like how not absolutely everyone learns the same way, men and women with disabilities need to have various accommodations to succeed. We’re not all the very same. We require to acknowledge differences simply because we all don’t commence from the very same place, specifically individuals who have disabilities. It’s like if an individual is in a wheel chair, you would generate ramps and accessibility points for them to get to function or school due to the fact that is what they require to accomplish their ambitions. I don’t see why we can not develop supports like that for everyone who’s different. For instance some disabilities are properly researched and so men and women can prepare and count on how a youngster with some thing like autism might behave in class, and so any disruptive behavior can be handled effectively and the kid can still be taught. I think fairness to be providing everybody access and to the same possibilities as everyone else regardless of variations. Just providing folks the identical items isn’t fair. But accommodating and being mindful that differences can hinder a person’s good results, and preparing and creating supports for these differences so that they can obtain their full potential in life is fairness.

Strategy to make Fairness Occur

As a possible future basic education teacher, in order to market fairness and equity, and in order to help students of all sorts succeed and find out their potentials and accommodate them for academic and social success, I would attempt to use what I’ve discovered and know, but realize I nonetheless have a lot more to discover due to lack of encounter, and try to figure out inventive methods to bring students with disabilities into the classroom socially and academically with the support of research, preparing, parents, households of students, specialists, my general education students, technologies, and any other sources out there for students with disabilities. All through the semester, I’ve discovered so several techniques and saw many ideas brought up on how to prepare for students with various disabilities and how to help and support them in the class, and I hope that what I’ve learned and know now will be helpful in promoting fairness in the future.

For example in 1 of the videos we watched, I saw a teacher nervous at the thought of possessing a student with Down syndrome in her classroom. The student was rather violent and uncooperative at occasions. At very first she didn’t actually know the best to deal with the circumstance, but more than time it became a beneficial learning experience, not just for her, but also for the other students in the class. The students helped the teacher by positively reinforcing suitable behavior in the class. They realized the student with Down syndrome was only acting out to get attention, and that it was greatest to ignore him when he does anything undesirable, but positively reinforce great behavior by paying attention to him when he does some thing great. Eventually, the students got along with every other and importantly even produced close friends with the student with a disability. What I’ve learned from videos like this is that even the basic population without having disabilities rewards significantly from students with disabilities in the classroom due to the fact they bring with them their personalities and friendships and gets all of us to empathize and relate to individuals with disabilities. If the student with Down syndrome had never ever come into the classroom, the rest of the students would have never created a buddy or would possibly never ever be acclimated to the wants and troubles of people with disabilities.

As a potential future teacher, I would attempt to accommodate all students positively and be a role model for the rest of the common education students on how to treat and help students with disabilities. I would try to foster inclusion and get help from the students so that they discover about individuals with disabilities and as a side bonus, make my job easier. This is advertising fairness for students with disabilities because it permits students with disabilities to adjust to a classroom culture so they can be independent and be prepared for larger education, and it allows opportunities for generating buddies. Not only that, the other general students grow up and understand how to positively treat a individual with disabilities, and I as a teacher develop far more wiser simply because I discovered how to also work and teach a student with disabilities. Fairness is about helping students with disabilities have as much a standard exciting life as possible and getting them be able to go on to the next steps of academic life.

One more recurring theme I saw from this course and videos like the households panel and other videos about students with disabilities is that sometimes the schools are not supportive of inclusion, sometimes not even trying to see how students perform in the general classroom, and students with disabilities may become homeschooled, or educated elsewhere, or isolated, and therefore become lonely. I think in class the professor stated that as teachers, we’ll have to change the culture and ideology of the schools we function at in regards to how they view students with disabilities. Rather than sweeping students with disabilities out of sight into separate facilities, future teachers must advocate for at least attempting out how a student with disabilities performs in the general education classroom. I would try to contain them with other students with the needed supports and individualized education plan and see how they do. And if I see one thing incorrect like teachers not willing to take a student with special requirements, then I’ll possibly attempt to explain to them that it is not so poor and offer my suggestions and thoughts about fairness and providing people a opportunity at least. If situations are unfamiliar and challenging for me, then I’ll seek the advice of with the professionals at the college, work with the parents, and do the very best I can with what the resources I have access to.

Again, it is about fairness, and as a result it is about accommodating for variations simply because students with disabilities need to have all the supports they can get to fit into the globe of the basic population. I will also not be unfavorable or judgmental simply because I know it is not a fault for getting different. In order to market fairness for students with disabilities, I won’t readily just throw my hands up in the air and give up. I’ll struggle to discover approaches to accommodate them and contain them. For instance, if they can’t move their limbs, like in a video we saw, I can still get them to paint and draw by using a drawing apparatus placed on their head. There might be technology that can help different disabilities like utilizing communication devices and iPads. Basically, I’ll keep my mind open and try to be conscious of all the possibilities and ways to accommodate every student in order to reside up to my philosophy of fairness.
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