Important: This essay is not a finished work, it is only an outline that needs refinement and formatting.
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Philosophy Of Nursing Essay

As nursing progresses into the twenty-first century there is some idea that life and development of this field involves increase participation of practicing nurses at using and producing specifically nursing knowledge (Cody , 2006; Fawcett, 2006; Silva, 2006) . Maybe the beginning fact may be developing a physical healthcare philosophy that focuses on areas different to nursing as that enables observation on understanding relationships between individual philosophical thinking as associated with current issues in the field (DeKeyser&Medoff-Cooper, 2009; Schlotfeldt, 2006) . The purpose of this essay was to talk about each element of my own nursing philosophy in person, how I arrived in my thought, How I found each in my training and how each may assist my own contribution to the new structure of nursing knowledge.
Nurses in training and administration backgrounds are often required to make a philosophy for this service. In the essay, the purpose of the concept of 'philosophy' in nursing education and healthcare administration is explored. The world of belief is so outlined, with particular regard to its relation with The particular field , e.g., healthcare. In the light of the speech, the true world of the writing that nursing writers tell the 'philosophy' is talked about. The concepts of The time and world view and The mission statement are talked about in that respect.
There are some schools of thought regarding arts in healthcare. Belief takes into account how things make and uses the knowledge to determine the healthcare profession. Just said, the belief is a collection of thoughts or opinions pertaining to a specific environment or action. Doctrines in healthcare are also the foundation to nursing hypotheses (Blais, 2006) . Philosophies that are used to the healthcare environment include these various schools of thought: Idealism, pragmatism, practical, and existentialism. This school of thought that I describe with is the realist way to healthcare. In this essay, I will identify my realist philosophy of healthcare.

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