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The Interrelationship Between Entertainment Media and Culture

The United States is racially diverse nation, wealthy in numerous traditions and customs. The American culture is extremely identifiable based on their music, dress code and religion amongst other aspects. Their culture has been influenced more than the years by entertainment media and it has continued to shape the American culture. The most notable forms of media that has brought as well much influence in the society incorporate mass media, concerts, and social media among others. Every kind of media supports different sorts of expressions. For instance, the hip-hop music which has turn into portion of American urban culture has been promoted by mass media. In this music genre, the art is normally portrayed in the video clips and art is typically showcased anytime there is music event. Also, artists have continued to showcase some arts in gospel music as a way of expressing their religious views in respect to American culture (Christianity). Such gospels songs mentions God as the supreme creator and depicts numerous Christian values (Mirrlees, 2013).

Technological advancement has revolutionized entertainment media hence promoting interrelationship with the American culture. Prior to the advent of the net, Television, and radio, the society depended on newspapers as the only supply of information. The discovery of radio enabled individuals to get timely info. Also, it expanded details coverage to numerous people specially these who could not read. The Tv which was introduced some handful of years later enabled men and women to acquire details and other forms of entertainment contents. Technological advancement presented individuals with option means of accessing data. Entertainment media has turn into a simple necessity in American culture which has because shaped its values.

Entertainment media has continued to shape American culture and values in different techniques. Tv which is a form of entertainment media has influenced Americans to envy and fantasize about living a better life primarily based on the applications which are becoming aired. For example, some applications which shows couples owning pricey vehicles and huge houses has influenced several individuals to operate tough in genuine life to far better their lives. Tv and radio has each positive and adverse ramifications on American culture and its values. Some of the news getting aired on the media elicits various reactions from the listeners or the viewers. News about accidents, organic calamities and terrorism at times can be depressing and heartbreaking. Tv and radio gives entertainment to numerous folks who listen to distinct music. Music has brought too much influence to American culture and its values. For instance, hip-hop and nation music has influence the manner in which Americans dress and behave. Hip-hop fanatics are renowned for their street wears which consist of baggy pants and sports shoes. Likewise, those who subscribe to nation music wear cowboy hats and boots as their form of identity. Music has also changed the manner in which men and women express various messages be it political or social. For instance, Hip-hop has been used as a platform to express the circumstances of living in urban areas, police brutality and other ills in the society. Other music genres educate the youth and promote constructive behaviors in the society. Some of the messages that are promoted via music have modified American culture and its values.

Social influences of the entertainment media have unfavorable ramifications on American society. The degree of influence depends on the culture which is being connected with. Music has been utilized as an expression platform whereby artists highlight a variety of issues in the society. For instance, enjoy songs expresses ones affections towards his or her companion or loved ones. The expression of adore is constructive to American culture and its values but there are other forms of music expression which has damaging impact. Some of the music genre promotes violence, drug abuse and other criminal activities (Giroux, 2016). For instance, hardcore hip-hop music has been linked with gang-associated violence which is related with most of their followers. In addition, most hip-hop music videos have explicit contents or scenes which have eroded American culture. Most music videos do not provide educative and informative messages but rather portray adverse culture and lifestyles which could influence youths to mimic the behaviors they see on Tv. As a consequence, the society would face a hard challenge in eradicating some social behaviors which threatens socio-economic progress.

In conclusion, entertainment media has brought each good and unfavorable contribution on American culture and its values. Technological advancement has enabled Americans to access timely details and access various entertainment contents. Music has turn into an effective media which is employed to inform and educate the masses. Regardless of its contributions in influencing the society, there are some music genres which promote damaging behaviors in American society (Giroux, 2016). Some of the videos aired on Tv has explicit scene and it includes use of foul languages. Also, the use of nude models in hip-hop discredits ladies in the society. Therefore, it is beyond the Americans to make choices on the types of media they should access. I do recommend that parents need to monitor the types of music that their kids access due to the fact some of the contents have damaging ramifications on their behaviors.
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