Published: 08-11-2019

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The Use of Suspense and Plot in Lamb to the Slaughter, a Story by Roald Dahl

How will Mary get away with murder? The author Roald Dahl makes use of a few literary components to make this murder successful in his story. Suspense, and Plot. In the story Mary Maloney waits for her husband, Patrick Maloney, to come from perform. Even though, when Patrick comes property right after perform, something appears off. Patrick tells Mary that he desires a divorce. Mary is shocked and tells him that he can not leave. But Patrick does not change his mind. Mary goes into the basement to grab a leg of lamb to cook for him anyways. When Mary gets back into the living room, she sees Patrick. Inadvertently, she hits him on the head and kills him with the leg of lamb. She calls the police and acts like someone else murdered him. The police had been looking for the murder weapon even though Mary was cooking the leg of lamb. By the end of the day, Mary ends up feeding the leg of lamb to the police.

The very first literary element that Roald Dahl makes use of to make a profitable short story is suspense. The use of suspense can be observed following Mary kills Patrick with the leg of lamb. Readers will then ask how Mary will get away with the murder and how she will hide the murder weapon. In this element of the story it is difficult to predict what will take place subsequent. The use of suspense will make the audience remain on their toes and get goosebumps.

The second literary element that Roald Dahl uses is a plot. The use of the plot keeps the story fascinating. After Mary had killed her husband, she stuck the leg in the oven to cook it. When the detectives arrived at the residence following Mary had referred to as them the leg of lamb was nonetheless becoming cooked. Mary planned all of this after she had killed Patrick. Then she confuses the detectives by cooking the lamb and feeding it to them. The detectives don’t realize that the murder weapon is right below their noses. Mary is now acquiring away with killing Patrick, and she knows it. Mary has changed all through the story. She used to be a quiet wife that doesn’t seem to be capable of murder. Now she is a wife capable of killing and getting away with it and tricking the police into consuming the murder weapon.

Roald Dahl used two literary elements to make this short story effective. First is suspense to hold the audience on their toes. The second literary element that Roald Dahl utilised is a plot. The plot is utilised to strategy out the short story which will intrigue readers.
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