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Pullman Strike Effects Essay

Pullman attack, (may 11, 1894–c. July 20, 1894) , in America history, general railway hit and protest that seriously disrupted railroad traffic in the Midwest of the United States at June–July 1894. The national government’s reaction to this unrest marked the first time that the ban was used to get the blow. Amid this situation, on June 28, President Grover Cleveland and Congress made the national holiday, work Day, as a conciliatory move toward the American Labor movement. In response to business reverses associated with the economic depression that started in 1893, the Pullman Palace automobile corporation, the manufacturer of railway cars, Drop the already down salaries of its workers by nearly 25% but did not give corresponding reductions in rents and additional complaints in Pullman, its company town near Michigan, where most Pullman workers lived. As a result, some workers and their families experienced hunger.
In 1884, railway workers at Pullman, Illinois got on strike. The town of Pullman was constructed for the sole purpose of construction people related with the Pullman hall automobile corporation, from these normal workers to Pullman himself. Everyone in this town ran for the railway, which dictated their salaries , too as their rent. In 1893, the country got into the economic depression, and workers' salaries were slashed, but they were still making 16-hour times and this organization was still getting those same amount for rent out of their paychecks. Then Pullman workers got on strike. Passengers and post wouldn't get it West of city.
It was called the Pullman attack, named for the variety of railroad automobile called Pullman cars that were made by the Pullman corporation (owned by George Pullman) in Pullman, Illinois, The company town on the southern side of Michigan. But it was really a railway hit across the West United States that started on May 11, 1894. This attack was named by the American Railway organization (ARU) against the Pullman corporation, the principal railroads, and the government of the United States . It was a hit that shut down some of the country's cargo and passenger traffic West of Detroit, Chicago.

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