Published: 18-12-2019

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Annie Oakley Biography

Annie Oakley was born in 1860 in Darke County, Ohio. Her real name was Phoebe Ann Mosey. When she was six years old, her father died of pneumonia. Soon after her dad died her family became very poor and she did not attend school. When she was nine years old, Annie went to reside with an additional family members on a farm exactly where she there discovered to shoot so properly.

1 of Annie Oakley’s accomplishments was getting a skilled sharpshooter. Oakley learned to grow to be a professional sharpshooter when she got her 1st gun in 1868. After she got her 1st gun she became really very good at shooting. She got so great at shooting that she was supplied by a regional hotel owner to have a contest in between Frank Butler and Annie Oakley. After she stated yes to this contest they created arraignments to have the contest on Thanksgiving Day.

Frank Butler was surprised to discover his opponent was a five-foot-tall, 15-year-old girl who beat him right after he missed on his 25th shot. An additional accomplishment that Oakley had was that she won the Buffalo Bill of the Wild West award. That award was an award that largely males got but Oakley was the very first girl to win this award. She got this award due to the fact she could shoot an apple off the top of a dogs head and not hit the dog. Also she got this award simply because when she went up against in a contest with Frank Butler she was the first girl to go into a competitors with him and to win the competition.

Oakley inspires me simply because the Buffalo Bill of the Wild West award is usually some thing that I have wanted to earn. Also I have always wanted to meet and shoot against a professional sharpshooter and win a round against a professional sharpshooter. Also Oakley’s popular quote is “Aim at a higher mark and you will hit it. No, not the first time, nor the second time. Maybe not the third. But maintain on aiming and maintain on shooting for only practice will make you excellent.” Annie Oakley and Frank Butler married three years following the competition and went on collectively and each attempted for the Buffalo Bill of the Wild West award, but only Annie Oakley won the award since Butler missed his 24th and 25th shot which led to Annie Oakley to win the award.
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