Published: 22-09-2019

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Political Cartoons on Imperialism

The political cartoon portrays the nation that was the most aggressive to extend its authority over other nations. The large character that most likely is in a tailoring shop is a representation of the United States of America while the other characters who are angrily watching represent the nations that have been against the imperialism of the United States. The huge character in the image is standing for the U.S. because the different states that make up the United States are marked by the pair of pants of the cartoon. The tailor is also portrayed to be in a struggle to make a piece of clothes that would fit the United States, expressing expansionism. The other characters are holding anti-expansion policy banners, symbolizing the rivalry of other countries towards the imperialism by the United States as it was in history.

The political cartoon depicts China even though in the war with the Western nations throughout the imperialism in China. The images represent two key enemies who appear to be engaging the use of weapons to fight every other. The images of two deadly animals that are facing every single other are a representation of China and the Western nations, Russia taking the lead in the fight. Other nations such as Japan appear to be overpowered in the war as symbolized by the laying of the animals that represent them. The symbolization of weapons in the image is an indication of the harm that the war triggered to numerous innocent men and women from distinct countries (Winks, 1969).

The political cartoon portrays some of the world super powers in an try to extend imperialism globally. The characters drawn in the cartoon represent Germany, Britain, and Russia with their grab bags in readiness to grab the complete globe. Germany, for instance, is portrayed as getting interested in components of Africa whilst Russia is interested in the Asia. The image brings out the idea that the whole globe was affected by imperialism given that it is virtually surrounded by the superpower nations.
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