Published: 30-11-2019

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Important: This essay is not a finished work, it is only an outline that needs refinement and formatting.
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Do the Weaknesses of Virtue Ethics Outweigh Its Strengths?

Virtue Ethics is a theory which focuses on becoming greater individuals by establishing traits which are recognized as virtues. Due to the fact it aims to do this it enables individuals to accomplish their potential and not have to put all of their concentrate in to the correct and wrong of their actions. The discussion of this essay is claiming that the strengths of Virtue Ethics are outweighed by its weaknesses. Even though some may possibly argue that the weaknesses of Virtue Ethics outweigh its strengths since it is challenging to apply. Other individuals could argue that the weaknesses do not outweigh the strengths because it focuses on the person rather than the circumstance, it helps folks achieve eudaimonia and it covers intentions and motives.

Firstly, a single way in which it can be argued that the weaknesses do not outweigh its strengths is since Virtue Ethics is an agent-centered theory which indicates that the approach focuses on the person rather than the situation. This is a strength due to the fact despite the fact that an individual will be held accountable for their actions, whether correct or wrong, the most crucial part is the moral improvement of the individual. Focusing on the development of an individual will have great impact due to the fact it makes it possible for them to discover from errors whilst operating on their virtues at the identical time. These virtues are identified as moral virtues- they are developed by practice and habit. For example, an individual will have to practice the virtue of kindness by performing kind issues such as helping an old particular person or sharing. This strength of Virtue Ethics shows that the strengths outweigh the weaknesses because it is important to make certain that folks fulfil the very best of their potential in order to attain their eudaimonia. As a result, simply because this is such an crucial aspect of life overall, it should outweigh the weaknesses basically due to the fact of its importance.

Another strength of Virtue Ethics is that it helps attain eudaimonia. Eudaimonia is the ultimate objective for humans. Humans attain their eudaimonia by flourishing and achieving the most that they can in their life. Virtue Ethics helps an person achieve eudaimonia simply because of its encouragement to act virtuously and to avoid vices. By performing intellectual and moral virtues, humans are progressively reaching their eudaimonia. This is critical to the theory due to the fact it has been place I place to help humans act in a way that will advantage them reaching their eudaimonia. This outweighs the weaknesses of Virtue Ethics due to the fact it helps humans want to be better individuals.

Ultimately, an additional strength of Virtue Ethics which can argue against this statement is that the theory does not simply do away other moral theories. As an alternative of Virtue Ethics not involving other moral theories completely, it teaches it in a distinct way. For example, Christian Ethics teaches humans to not kill or steal. Virtue Ethics approaches this by teaching us to act wisely and justly. By doing these virtues it will be hugely most likely that individuals will not kill or steal. This is important simply because humans can incorporate Virtue Ethics in with other theories that they may possibly comply with making it less difficult for them to understand how to act morally. This outweighs the weaknesses of Virtue Ethics since by not ignoring other theories, it makes it a strong theory to follow.

In conclusion, it is effortless to argue that the weaknesses of Virtue Ethics do not outweigh the strengths because there are a lot of excellent strengths in the theory that advantage humans a lot so as a result, the strengths are of fantastic importance which are hard to be outweighed.
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