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Published: 06-11-2019

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Important: This essay is not a finished work, it is only an outline that needs refinement and formatting.
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A Critical Analysis of Civil Disobedience, an Essay by Henry David Thoreau

In his Essay, “Civil Disobedience”, Henry David Thoreau argues that society functions the most efficiently when it is not ruled by an overpowering monarch, or by a robust central government, but by the folks, basically possessing self-reliant peoples that do not necessarily want a government, per se, but are capable to call upon it in instances of crisis. Thoreau’s estimation of the goodwill, and intelligence of mankind is vastly overreaching, and his theories of government are only applicable in tiny cases.

Thoreau outright states that, “That government is very best which governs least”, he is signifying the truth that governments which do not do such, are the superior types. This is contradictory, in the sense that 1 cannot seek to want a government, yet one particular that governs the minimal amount. By sustaining a government that has powerful enough powers to support in instances of crisis, but one that has minimal interference with the peoples, one sets up a paradox. How is it attainable to have a ruling physique that is powerful adequate to interfere when needed, yet is trusted, and anticipated not to interfere otherwise? In order to sustain this kind of self-sustaining, non-involved type of rule, one must be in an really tiny group of people, less than 10, even. The general level of diligence, intelligence, and self-determination within the human population is extremely low. In order to effectively employ a kind of government that “is best which governs not at all”, 1 have to have a population of peoples with equivalent interests and goals. In a small group of individuals, in which a frequent aim was a unifying issue, say in a time when survival was the major aim, Thoreau’s proposed ideals would be profitable. When a peoples are united, below a typical result in, each 1 will work hard to obtain that purpose, and the titular “Civil Disobedience” will not be evident.

Generally crime, or disobedience arises from complacency, or lack of wants becoming met when all the people’s demands are the primary purpose, in the minds of the folks themselves who are working tough to obtain that aim, no one individual will have the need to break the widespread law set out by the people’s “government”. Basically, in the case of Thoreau’s best government, the intervention clause, in which the government can be robust, centrally, in the times of crisis, is not necessarily required. When crises arise, all members of the society will seek to keep the great standing, and excellent capabilities of said government. All peoples will fight to sustain their way of life, and the rallying capabilities of the central government are not required to be harnessed, they are presently inherent. If the government is created up of a set of self-reliant peoples, who seek the identical aim from the society, and will operate to propagate the completion of that purpose Thoreau’s “best government” then the robust central government that arises in instances of crises is merely the all-natural response of the peoples who have been slighted. Humans are a reactionary peoples, and if provoked, can react in very territorial, and even predatory manners. When their goals are threatened, or their way of life is seemingly going to break down, the peoples lash out.

The natural reaction of humans, in times of crises, is to band with each other, to kind robust links to fight for the continuation of what was the norm. Thoreau’s “best government”, is evident in tiny groups of extremely uncommon peoples in the planet, comprised of ones who are intelligent, and do not simply “serve the state… as machines”, but fight for a frequent trigger, a single that is evidently self-benefiting, and of the utmost importance.
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