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Published: 08-09-2019

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Important: This essay is not a finished work, it is only an outline that needs refinement and formatting.
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A Film Analysis of Cria Cuervos, a Drama Film by Carlos Saura

The film Cria Cuervos by Carlos Saura is a coming of age-drama about eight year old Ana and her two sisters following both of their parents pass away. As a outcome, Ana grows to turn out to be a disturbed youngster simply because of her haunting previous. Nostalgia and death are recurring themes in the film as reflected by way of the film. The contrast among reality and imagination is beautifully blurred by different technical and narrative methods. Strategies and devices like plot, setting and cinematography work with each other in order to inform this story.

The story is told by the major character Ana. This indicates that the storyline could be understood as her personal perspective and views. At some points in the film, an older version of Ana seems and she sorrowfully reflects on her past. This skews time and space for audience which can be confusing due to the truth that the exact same actress plays the mother of Ana and the older version. But this also brought me to the concept that Ana and her mother are very comparable and connected in a sense. Her mother is absolutely depressed and mentally distraught as Ana is. From the way Ana talks about her past as an adult, you can see it still daunts her. Ana is the middle child in her loved ones which has the stigma of being a dilemma child. This minute detail is why the storyline would match ideal with her character. Despite her rough childhood, she nevertheless shares a close bond with two sisters as she reminisces on the Summer time when she was eight years old.

The technical elements in this film inform a story that jumps by way of time and space. For example, Ana will be in her present day but imagining a moment from her previous. The camera will make a shift with new characters that seem in the scene. The characters normally becoming her deceased parents. In these scenes, she tends to be remembering the negative moments in her life. This signifies that some sort of Post Traumatic Tension Disorder is becoming triggered from her setting. The cinematography in between these scenes blend really well although creating it comprehensible to the audience that there is a modify in time. In addition, these scenes happen usually late at night when Ana wonders the home as everybody is asleep. It can be seen that she may possibly be just be dreaming but absolutely nothing confirms it. The truth that this happens at evening emphasizes that Ana is remembering an actual “dark” previous. Examples of this are when she noticed her father die and when she attempted to see if she killed her Aunt Paulina.

The coming of age-drama by Carlos Saura, titled Cria Cuervos, explores the themes of nostalgia and death. Ana’s obsession with death and the previous is symbolic to the plot and character improvement of Ana and the world about her. In contempt of depression, Ana remembers occasions good instances of her mother and sisters. The cinematography in the film is essential to the time and setting of the film, as nicely as the narrative. Certain camera movements and blocking techniques manipulate time and space even though telling two different stories. This depressing film brings you by means of a wave of feelings by indicates of Ana’s story. In conclusion, I think it was a fantastic film that tends to make me believe that we all have a previous.
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