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Published: 22-12-2019

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Important: This essay is not a finished work, it is only an outline that needs refinement and formatting.
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A Review of John Nash’s Movie, A Beautiful Mind

Mental illness is a disorder of the brain that results in a disruption of a person’s considering, feeling, mood, and potential to relate to others. For somebody who’s in no way had a mental illness, it might be tough to envision what life would be like for someone who does. The film “A Beautiful Mind” is about a mathematician, John Nash, who suffers from schizophrenia. By way of his anguish, we achieve understanding of a life with mental illness. It impacts every component of your life, and the lives of these close to you.

The film opens in the late 1940s at Princeton, where John Nash is a young graduate student in mathematics. There Nash does some brilliant original function, but its value is not immediately extensively recognized. His best buddy is his roommate, Charles Herman (fictional). In the early 1950s Nash requires a job at M.I.T. that includes each working at the (fictional) Wheeler Defense Labs and teaching classes. He believes he is a spy for the CIA and William Parcher (fictional) is his superior. At M.I.T. he falls in adore with and marries a physics student named Alicia Larde. Nevertheless, Nash’s behavior becomes increasingly bizarre, and he is diagnosed as suffering from schizophrenia. With Alicia’s aid, he battles mental illness for several years, and ultimately recovers sufficiently to reside a more or less typical life. Meanwhile, the value of the perform he did four decades earlier receives wide recognition, and in 1994 Nash is awarded a Nobel Prize.

The Turmoil that John Nash feels in the film is not unlike the feelings a lot of folks go by means of. My expertise with mental illness has recently expanded. A great pal was admitted to a psychiatric hospital with borderline character disorder. I visited her and now have a much better understanding of mental ailments. I was scared to go to the hospital. I had visions of “One Flew More than the Cuckoo’s Nest”, but my fear was irrational. No one particular fit the stigma of “crazy”. They have been men and women attempting to support themselves. The hospital is a protected atmosphere to take a break from the stresses of life that can be even much more detrimental to a particular person with a mental disorder. The hospital can also support psychiatrists’ right medication with continuous supervision of the patient.

Like John Nash, my cousin Peter is schizophrenic. I’ve only heard stories of his erratic behavior and paranoia, but I know that he loves his family members and pals no matter how extreme his symptoms are. Borderline character disorder, my friend’s situation, is characterized by depression, manic mood swings, and suicidal tendencies. I just discovered about her illness and how serious it is. She attempted suicide and had to be resuscitated. She’s afraid to make her disorder public due to the fact of society’s opinion of those with mental illnesses. People suffering with psychiatric situations are stereotypically viewed as crazy and hazardous. Absolutely everyone is impacted by mental illness, not only the sick and their loves ones. Folks who label the mentally ill as “crazy” affects those sufferers negatively, generating it tougher for them to seek aid. This is highlighted in “A Stunning Mind” with the students’ appears of disgust when John is taken to the mental institution. He is ashamed to even show his face at the school for years. When he does return he is mocked by the students for his strange behavior.

Mental illness not only affects the physical body, but if affects the thoughts as properly. You might believe things that are not true, or you may have feelings or despair and suicide. Picture that you couldn’t even trust your personal thoughts and feelings. This is observed in “A Lovely Mind”. John Nash believes he is operating for the CIA, but that does not mean it’s accurate. It can sometimes be impossible to distinguish fantasy from reality with a mental illness. This is prominent in the movie. John’s schizophrenia creates an alternate reality in his thoughts. He was faced with the realization that men and women and memories that were vivid to him by no means really existed. This comprehension is hard to accept, and John drifts back to his old habits.

It is not specifically identified how mental illness happens. There is evidence supporting the lead to as genetic, but there is also evidence that it comes from the atmosphere. At times each are aspects. If your family has a history of depression, you are more probably to endure from the affliction. You could be the only individual you know that has depression. Science shows that at times illness is triggered by a chemical imbalance in the brain. Medication can be valuable, but locating the correct drug, dose, and mixture can take years. Therapy is also extremely beneficial in the healing procedure. Sufferers want to comprehend, as in John Nash’s case, not everything they know and feel is true. Concerns might have stemmed from some thing in their past. These environmental factors should be worked out by experts for maximum recovery. Parents play a large portion in the mental well being of their kids. Kids have to be loved and nurtured. They must never ever be abused or produced to feel unwanted. This can reduced the probabilities of mental illness caused by the child’s environment.

Mental illness does not challenge my belief in God. Regardless of whether the affliction is physical or mental, cancer or schizophrenia, it is God’s will. I really feel that we all have a purpose in our lives, and death is when our destiny has been fulfilled. God wants us house with him. He is omnipotent and all potent. He wants it and it is so. Many men and women believe prayer can aid remedy any ailment. Praising God’s name and living his testament leads to a greater life in all facets. In the film, what genuinely saves John is Alicia’s really like for him.

John Nash is arrogant when we 1st meet him. He’s rude, narcissistic, and believes he is intellectually superior. Only when John meets Alicia do we start to see his accurate colors. His caring and compassion becomes apparent. I don’t consider he’s the villain. John overcoming schizophrenia can be viewed as heroic, but I believe that Alicia is the heroine of this story. With out her enjoy and devotion, John may possibly in no way have recovered from his illness. It took considerably strength and courage to stand by him in those trying and occasionally scary times. Alicia is not narcissistic she is optimistic. Alicia by no means lost faith in her husband.

John’s illness impacts Alicia as considerably as it does him. Watching her husband endure is as if she’s enduring it herself. We see this when John receives his very first electro shock therapy. Alicia cannot even watch the remedy. Losing him to sickness implies losing a portion of her. In this way they are interdependent. John’s schizophrenia also alienates him from his wife. When he gets property from the hospital it is apparent that there’s distance in between them. John doesn’t speak about his feelings with Alicia. Maybe he thinks she will not understand, or he may possibly just be embarrassed. Alicia is consequently also alienated since she is being left out her husband’s life.

I believe that elements of today’s society would be useful to John. We live in a really well being conscious planet. Most Americans see physicians often. Our knowledge of mental illness is also far more expansive. However, society’s perception of mental illness has not changed drastically. Words like psycho and crazy are nevertheless employed with unfavorable connotation. This limits the freedom of those afflicted. Sufferers have difficulty discussing their illness, even to those close to them. My friend explained to me how ashamed she is of her illness, and how challenging it is to speak about. John’s actions show he is ashamed as nicely. He doesn’t want to return to college, or socialize with his close friends. This is not the only limitation of mental illness. Illness can limit a person’s potential to care for themselves and others. It can impact the patient’s sleeping pattern, appetite, and personality. If the sick are in are in a mental ward, they have extremely small freedom. They are told when to eat, sleep, shower, shave, and might even have to use the bathroom with someone watching. Folks afflicted with mental illness are special. They fight everyday against a sickness that is not completely understood. Curing mental illness is not an precise science. It can be years of suffering prior to the appropriate therapy is located.

Below humanity in the Encarta Encyclopedia, it cites human situation, human

nature, and compassion. According to Webster’s Dictionary, the definition of humanity is: the qualities of getting human the peculiar nature of man, by which he is distinguished from other beings. That peculiar nature spoken of is free will, our potential to make informed decisions to do what we want. As we see in the movie, mental illness can decrease this capacity. John lost his free of charge will to schizophrenia. Some of the options he tends to make are not his choices. William Parcher tells John it is crucial he decodes secret messages in magazines and newspapers. John would not have executed this job had William not suggested it. In my opinion, this failure of free of charge will is the only item that tends to make those afflicted much less human. Other sufferers might really feel much less human, becoming unable to trust their thoughts. The humility of the disease can also result in disillusionment, but to be human is to have flaws. No one is perfect. It does not make every single 1 of us significantly less human. In addition, I feel no one individual can be much more human than one more. Human nature is everything we do, not only what we let other individuals know.

The film also discusses humanity. John is the most human character in the film simply because we view largely his thoughts and feelings. We see his weaknesses, fears, and flaws. Noticed also is his love, and sooner or later, his very good nature. The struggle John faces with his illness is arduous but correct to life. Each day, men and women struggle with anxiety, phobias, and physical disease. This is life. We see the film by means of John’s eyes and can therefore, sympathize with him.

Mental Illness can consume a person’s life. It impacts the physical body, as well as the mind. It puts stress on outside relationships as nicely. Simply because of society’s stigmas against psychological issues, the sick are resistant to seek treatment. Even though the trigger of mental illness is not totally recognized, we do know that lack of therapy is detrimental. Even if you do not have a familiarity with mental illness, the humanity of disease may possibly be present in you life via physical ailments or emotional stresses. Although my experiences with mental illness have been minute, this film has helped me gain a better understanding of what life could be like for these afflicted and these who enjoy them.

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