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Published: 12-09-2019

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Important: This essay is not a finished work, it is only an outline that needs refinement and formatting.
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A Review of Satirism in Screen Guild Awards, a Video at Saturday Night Live

There is a video that Saturday Evening Live created referred to as the “Screen Guild Awards” and in this video they had created a satire theme. The major objective of this video was the irony of how there have been 5 nominees for the best actor award and ironically sufficient all of them have been white, but there’s an additional catch to it. In all the films that these males acted in, they had been all about African Americans but ironically, the white guys had been the ones to get nominated for the award. Also, once again, the result for who won the award was that all the white males had been all tied for 1st. When the men had been becoming shown for the award nomination, Saturday Night Reside happen to sneak in the nominated man trying to get a higher five from the African American actor also in the film. When he went for the high five the man refused to give him a higher 5 which is an instance of satire that SNL makes use of. The point of SNL doing this was because at the Oscar awards, it was the second year in a row that a African American didn’t get nominated for a main character. SNL employed this to their benefit and took benefit of the opportunity to use satire to get the objective across.

The satire helped the objective of this skit because it was an aim toward the Oscars which made the skit a lot more laughable. In the beginning of the skit it starts of with a lady that says “we wish we could have nominated more”, then moves on to introducing all of the actors. The initial character that was introduced was a male African American actor that was a principal character in a boxing movie. Then, the actor has a white male beside him inform him that he can do whatever he believes in. The satire involved in this was how the background character white male got the nominee and not the principal actor. Next comes a principal actor that once more, is African American and is attempting to motivate some individuals, then the particular person that got nominated was the actually modest element of the white character that had only two lines.

Following, one more satire is when the principal actor is attempting to motivate himself and says “I will function all evening night to beat out these white folks” then the particular person that got nominated was the white librarian that tells him there’s only 5 minutes to closing and forces him out. Lastly, there is a male African American that was in the forest trying to motivate all of his friends when a white cameraman comes into the background and says definitely practically nothing and nevertheless get nominated for the greatest actor award. Saturday Night Reside employed many satires in a skit that was particularly brief in only three minutes extended. Concluding, SNL utilized satires of white males getting main awards in the Oscars, principal characters motivating other people, and how all the nominees all have been tied for initial.
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