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Published: 16-09-2019

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Important: This essay is not a finished work, it is only an outline that needs refinement and formatting.
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A Study Of The Emotional Eulogy Of Margaret Thatcher To Ronald Reagan, Former President Of The United States

Margaret Thatcher, the Prime Minister of Fantastic Britain, expresses fantastic sorrow in her eulogy to former president, Ronald Reagan. Thatcher predominately makes use of pathos rhetoric to achieve Reagan productive presidency specially in a time of fantastic trials in America in the course of the Cold War. In instances of difficulty Reagan’s “easy jokes gave reassurance to an anxious globe.” The terror and unease in America juxtaposed with lighthearted humor supplies for Reagan’s ableness to maintain the public collectively and unified. The tone is deeply appreciate it toward the efforts and actions taken that directs the audience to don't forget the overseeing “firm principles… he acted upon decisively.” Thatcher utilizes the sensitive era to exemplify the firm leadership America looked up to.

In addition, Thatcher uses imagery to convey Reagan’s selfless heart and omniscience. Even in the course of Soviet pressures, Reagan nonetheless continued to see “many sides of truth” but “did not shrink” beneath the “weight of these pressures.” The description of the former president expresses a man who is knowledgeable and understanding of the existing scenario. The intended impact of the imagery is proper in how it stresses the importance of Reagan’s part in the time of his presidency. The word option used illustrates the foreign, political struggle that the audience can sympathize with.

Moreover, Thatcher brings into play the rhetorical device of metaphor in order to express Reagan’s diligent character and productive term as president. Regan aimed to “mend America’s wounded spirit, restore the strength of the cost-free globe, and to cost-free the slaves of communism.” At the peak of Cold War, America was physically and mentally challenged in their unity and strength standing against the unforgivable Soviet Union. These metaphors expresses to readers how in spite of the riskiness and difficulty that the challenges carried, Reagan persevered in pursuit of healing, unifying, and freeing America from the heavy burdens they carried by means of the war. Likewise, the use of this rhetorical device also exemplifies to readers that with such a daunting challenge a hand, his unceasing fight with goals of restoration for was eventually for the men and women of America. This specific example reflects a tone of ardency that fills the text with passion and optimism, enabling readers to also comprehend Reagan’s dedication as president.

By way of the use of ethos appeal, Thatcher continues to create her argument of Reagan’s presidency as profitable. The demanding tasks as president was burdensome, but as “Arnold Bennett once known as ‘the great cause of cheering us all up’”, Reagan’s vital trigger was to lift spirits. The dreary Cold war would have stripped the people of their optimism and hope, day following day. However, the ethos appeal of Arnold Bennett’s high profile as well as his help and belief in Reagan’s trigger is utilized to overcome the discouragement of the American citizen of 2004 to also believe in the president. The promising, confident political work of Reagan and his spirited character swayed the dying hearts of the citizens. In the end, despite the despondent occasions of the Cold War and the waning confidence of the citizens, Margaret Thatcher delivered her eulogy speech in belief of President Ronald Reagan and employed the rhetorical appeals of pathos, imagery, metaphor, and ethos to accomplish his presidency as productive.
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