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Published: 24-12-2019

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Important: This essay is not a finished work, it is only an outline that needs refinement and formatting.
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A View of Nancy Farmer’s Depiction of the Personality of the Character Matteo Alacran, In Her Book, The House of the Scorpion

The House of the Scorpion, written by Nancy Farmer, is the story of Matteo Alacran who actually is a clone of a potent drug lord, El Patron. Matt is despised by absolutely everyone in his loved ones except the drug lord himself in which he loves him as a pet. Cecilia is his caretaker in the “Big House”, and Matt is restricted from seeing other kids. He is treated harshly by the Alacran’s till El Patron shows up and is infuriated at Matt’s living conditions he orders that he be put in a space like everyone else. At this point in the book, the ethical question of Matt’s remedy is starting to come on the scene. Shortly following, Matt discovers a dead physique in the Opium fields in truth, he finds an eejit, a human slave with a laptop chip in their brain. The concept of eejits was horrible it took the very existence of being human and person decision away. After El Patron’s death, Matt runs away to Aztlan, present-day Mexico, and finds an orphanage filled with communistic ‘Lost Boys’. Despite the fact that, it is really the contrary the keepers lavish with a wide selection of delicacies while the Lost boys are restricted to just plankton. Matt leads a rebellion against the keepers and destroys their tyrannical government. Nancy Farmer sent messages about how communistic experiments in the planet nowadays have failed to thrive due to corruption. Maria’s mother, Esperanza, is a champion of clones’ rights in the United States and tells Matt that with El Patron dead, Matt can officially take his location as the leader of Opium. Clones fighting for civil rights in the United States is a massive political and governmental step by way of this book, clones are portrayed as an individual and as a result be treated as such. Matt lastly goes back to Opium with the intentions of shutting down Opium and reverting eejits back to humans.

Nancy Farmer wrote The Home of the Scorpion to reiterate the belief that civil rights need to be integrated to all human beings no matter their origin, in this case clones. Senator Mendoza is a clear example of this belief. He is the fictitious senator in the book that fights for clones’ need to be recognized as human beings and treated as such. Universal civil rights to all human beings was a major part of Nancy Farmer’s message, but she also juxtaposed several governments with each other. Opium’s government was tyrannical headed by El Patron. He even had human slaves with pc chips in their thoughts! The failed attempt at a communistic government was seen in the orphanage of the Lost Boys. The keepers had been corrupted in their view on fairness. Then, the United States government is usually in the background standing steady and safe. Our government is even portrayed as fighting for clones’ rights.

I think Nancy Farmer’s assertions are valid simply because if a minority were to fight for civil rights America would be the leading candidate to start a movement. Although we are not quite on board with cloning ethically however, Americans nonetheless believe in individualism, freedom, and equality, so clones must have the very same rights and privileges as other humans. I very advocate this book, due to the fact it is eye-opening and enlightening to believe about such situations with civil rights. The book forces you to view the way you have treated other people discriminately or not. The book’s message of civil rights will sound in your head days soon after you place it down. It has wonderful insight on the human condition also, it compares varieties of governments by setting them subsequent to every single other. I truly enjoyed this book, and I believe any individual who picks it up will get pleasure from it just as a lot.
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