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Published: 26-11-2019

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Important: This essay is not a finished work, it is only an outline that needs refinement and formatting.
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A Visual Analysis of the Graffiti Artwork Done by Banksy

Graffiti artwork has often been some thing men and women disregard. Men and women pass it by on the walls of alleyways, on bridges, on train cars, and never pay considerably focus. The planet looks at graffiti as something rebellious teens do to get an adrenaline rush, or break the guidelines. The artist Banksy, shows that graffiti can be so a lot far more than just spray paint on a wall: it can send a message. Banksy has done graffiti art all over the walls of England, every one sending a various message and standing out to the viewer for its contemporary style.

The image Banksy has produced is situated in a dark alleyway, or run down part of town. The viewer can see that by seeking at the splattered paint, chipped rock, and cracks in the wall. These functions show that this particular component of town isn’t that well taken care of. Dark colors, such as army greens, dull greys, and charcoal blacks, set the gloomy mood in this piece. The main concentrate of this image, is the youngster-like bodies with tv sets as heads. The figures are set in the middle of the wall, where a dim light illuminates the bodies and the center of the wall. There are cables attached to the child-like bodies, hanging from behind them. The cables present the idea that the figures need to have to be plugged in to function. In this image, the child-like bodies are black, and look like silhouettes. The television sets have a single red spot on top of them with two antennas sticking out. The screens are black and the box of the tv is white. General, the really feel of this image is dreary, with getting in a dark alleyway and on a rundown wall.

Banksy argues that the media and continuous use of electronics is controlling the younger generations, by showing 3 modest figures with television sets as heads. The most prominent part of this piece, is every figures head. This shows the audience viewing the image, that there is a takeover of the brain, whether it be electronics or media. By having the heads be television sets, the artist is arguing that electronics are the only issue that the youth focuses on in this day and age. The younger generations are consistently on social media, playing games, or watching videos, and it is consuming their brains. Kids and teens are continually on their phones or tablets whether it be at dinner, in school, in the course of their totally free time, and even at social events. Their brains are getting controlled by what they see on the screens. The kid bodies add to the image to send the message that the media and the electronic age have the greatest impact on the youth. Behind the bodies hang cables with plugs at the end. This is adding to the handle component of the argument. Banksy desires to show the metaphor of the youth needing to be “plugged in” to function, just like a television set requirements to be plugged in to turn on. Today’s youth is seldom ever observed without some sort of electronic device in hand. Banksy is adding to the argument by portraying that with out a device or becoming “plugged in,” younger men and women can’t function or “turn on.”

There is repetition in this graffiti painting, of the tv sets and kid bodies. The three figures all the appear the identical, displaying that due to the media and what the youth sees on television, they do not want to be their personal individual. With this repetition of the bodies and tv heads, Banksy progresses his argument. The media no matter whether it be social, print, or televised, shows photos and videos that are directed towards youth. When the younger generations see these images and videos, they shed their sense of independence and want to be precisely like what they see in the media. No 1 wants to be an outcast any longer, all they care about is what every person is wearing, listening to, and performing. In this image there is also a binary of light versus dark. The edges of the wall are dark, dim, and gloomy and the inside about the center is bright, focusing one’s focus there. This use of lighting forces the viewer to appear deeper into the principal portion of the image and consider about the argument Banksy has created.

The physique language of the kid-like figures stands out in this image. The overall mood of the image is gloomy and dark, but the bodies appear like joyous, content, children playing or dancing. There is no adverse aspect to their physique language, in addition to the dark color. The pleasant movement of the bodies causes the viewer to be slightly confused and begin to question the piece. If these figures are dancing and playing, is all the electronic activity and social media genuinely such a negative issue? A single could argue that this photo frames the joys that tv and media bring youngsters, but that would only be focusing on the physique language, and vibrant light in the center of the wall. With all of the proof offered, such as the tv heads showing brain corruption, the cables displaying handle, and the youngster-like bodies portraying youth, there is no doubt that the message Banksy is attempting to send is a dark one. There isn’t a lot happiness in this piece of artwork. The use of dim colors, the depreciated portion of town, and the cracked wall, are all examples of the forlorn tone in this image. Due to the globe becoming so technologically advanced, it is hard for a single to not get caught up in all the new devices and what they have to offer you. Banksy is arguing the adverse effects of these advancements. Of course, one could argue about how analysis is thriving and how data can be sent out at practically the speed of light, but at the same time, the minds of younger generations are suffering and they do not even know it. The artist went out of his way and against the law to create this image, and to send the message that this generation of electronics and continual media interest, is destroying the youth.
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