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Published: 24-12-2019

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Advantages of Paris as a Tourism Attraction

Paris is the capital city of France. With more than 12 million inhabitants, it holds around 19% of France’s total population. Paris is most popularly identified as the center of style. The city is also popular for its fine cuisine, art, and architecture. There is a well-known saying in France ‘Quand Paris éternue, la France seen rhume’ which roughly translates to ‘When Paris sneezes, France catches a cold’. This indicates that what occurs in Paris, normally impacts the entire nation. The following observations highlight this tourist significance of Paris and its several positive aspects and disadvantages as a tourist attraction.

Advantages of Paris as a Tourism Attraction

Paris also was identified as the ‘City of Lights’, which boasts of many years of historical improvement which in more approaches than one left and to a particular extent is nonetheless leaving a enormous impact. Paris a is a place of interest where tourists go to for a quantity of reasons which consist of cultural aspects, historical buildings, leisure and so on. Today, Paris has turn into a quite well-known place for vacation-makers and tourism in general.

The Attractions

One particular of the main positive aspects of traveling to Paris would be its endless quantity of touristic attractions. A couple of of the most well-known ones are the Eiffel Tower, the Notre Dame, the Musée d’Orsay, and the Louvre. These locations can get extremely crowded in peak months between July and December. There are thousands of evaluations that are left by numerous visitors that claim that these locations are worth the visit.

The Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower was the principal exhibit in the World’s fair in 1889. In the course of the French Revolution, the Eiffel Tower was utilized to demonstrate France’s industrial prowess to the world. It is regarded to be a single of the most renowned and iconic landmarks in history, which is located in Paris.

There are hundreds of vacationers and guests that line up each and every day to go and witness a exceptional view from the top of the Eiffel Tower. The Eiffel Tower consists of 3 platforms that incorporate several buffets, their own champagne bar, and exclusive gift shops. Also, there are two restaurants Le 58 Tour Eiffel and LE Jules Verne, which are run by Michelin star chefs.

There are also educational tours that are offered for both children and adults, that takes vacationers around the tower. Tickets can either be bought on-line or at the workplace positioned at the bottom of the tower. It is opened all year round with going to instances that differ according to the season.

There had been a total amount six,917,000 visitors at the finish of 2015. Given that it opened in 1889 there were about 250 million folks from all about the world who visited the Eiffel Tower. The above statistics show what a popular attraction the Eiffel Tower really is. It is undoubtedly 1 of the principal causes as for why a tourist would choose Paris as their next destination.

The Notre Dame

The Notre Dame gothic Cathedral was built in the 1160s. The cathedral was built with sculptures, exclusive gargoyles and the amazing detail on stained glass windows that showed a heavy influence of naturalism. It is now 1 of the most popular and oldest cathedrals in France. Vacationers are free to visit the Notre Dame and it is recognized to be very busy all year round. Within the vicinity of the Cathedral, there are various Parisian hotels and restaurants that are fortunate adequate to have a view of this Cathedral. These establishments have an benefit as vacationers typically check out just to take pleasure in the outstanding view.

The Musée d’Orsay

The creating is fairly unusual, as the museum was installed in the former Orsay railway station which was originated in the 1900s for the Universal Exhibition. A tourist would be impressed by the beauty of the interior style of the old ‘railway station’. This museum is internationally identified for getting its rich collection of ‘Impressionist art’, which also displays other artistic creations from the 1848s. Musee d’ Orsay has a assortment of collections that represent all sorts of expressive types such as decorative photography, and sculptures.

The Louvre

The Louvre is regarded as to be the most visited and largest museum in the globe. The museum consists 1 of the richest artistic treasures. It also has paintings and other products going back to 5000 years ago, from Greek, and Roman times. This museum has numerous functions from all more than the planet, which contain some major paintings from Planet Heritage, such as Mona Lisa painting. Apart from paintings, the museum hosts a variety of other kinds of artwork such as sculptures and artifacts. It would take a tourist typically about 3 days to experience and to see all the museum. Tourists who search for culture and art will undoubtedly pay a visit to this museum and there are also various restaurants and shops next to the Louvre. This makes it possible for the travelers to commit more time there.


The Parisians are extremely proud of their cuisine. When it comes to Parisian meals, it is a identified reality that you will not be left hungry. Both skilled chefs and amateurs go to Paris to encounter their cuisine. There are many cooking classes being provided by specialist Parisian chefs and this is extremely well-liked with tourists in Paris. Most Parisian restaurants need to be pre-booked and typically have dress codes. This shows to the locals, that meals is viewed more as a celebration rather than a necessity.

Conventional French cuisine

Conventional French cuisine varies from little desserts such as macaroons to appetizers such as snails. In Paris, many of the restaurants take pride in their standard food and it is uncommon to locate them promoting generic foods such as pasta, pizza, and burgers unless they include a French twist. One particular can uncover that French cuisine is a great advantage to traveling to Paris as vacationers will definitely eat effectively.

A city for all sorts of tourists

Paris provides attractions for all varieties of holidaymakers. This contains families, couples, solo travelers, and big spenders. There are activities, hotels, and attractions to suit all varieties of tourists.


Paris by day is a excellent spot to spend with your loved ones. 1 can frequently pay a visit to museums such as the Louvre and landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower. Paris also has its own zoo and aquarium which can be a fun activity for both children and adults. A pay a visit to to Disneyland Paris would also be appropriate for families traveling to Paris.


Paris is recognized to be a very romantic destination. The City provides many activities for those in enjoy. The Parisian atmosphere is enough to make an average visitor enjoy struck. The restaurants give off a romantic atmosphere and hotels are very couple friendly, which means that most accommodation supply diverse sorts of rooms for two, from common to couple’s suites. There are also shows to watch such as burlesque or Moulin Rouge that are appropriate activities for adult couples.

Solo travelers

The city also has a variety of living communities such as hostels and bed and beverage accommodations. The group activities such as cooking classes and wine tasting is a great spot to meet new people. Local bars and cafes would be a great place for a solo-traveler to integrate with locals and discover city secrets.

Massive spenders

If one particular desires a holiday without a budget, Paris is a excellent place to begin. There are many areas 1 can shop, such as Avenue des Champs-Elysées. This major street is packed with higher-finish designer shops for these varieties of travelers. Fine dining restaurants are very well-liked in Paris and there are also a lot of hotels for these types of vacationers.

Disadvantages of Paris as a Tourism Attraction

Regardless of all its positive aspects, Paris is noticed to have many drawbacks in comparison to what was stated above advantages. In the following text, there can be found a list describing some of the disadvantages that tourist face when visiting Paris.


Paris is a highly visited destination, where restaurants take advantage of increasing their rates, particularly if the place is positioned in a tourist attraction area. The tourist must have understanding of what he/she would count on from that specific restaurant. There are other obtainable possibilities, though they might not offer the exact same normal, or possessing them positioned in much more of a remote location from the tourist attraction. Entertainment and transportation are also regarded as to be quiet high-priced having prices ranging according to the preferred location. Museums and tourist attractions contribute to the added price, in the course of the tourist’s visit which could influence one’s choice to visiting Paris.

In addition to the legal city tax, Paris gathers four euro per person every night. Rome’s city tax can go up to €6. This makes Paris’ city tax, the second highest in comparison to surrounding capital cities such as London and Berlin having their city tax as low as five%.


According to current statistics, this accounts for the .eight percent decrease in tourism in Paris, which indicates significant financial consequences that occurred with a total loss of 1.3 billion Euros. Tourists became a lot more cautious due to the fact of the attacks of the Charlie Hebdo massacre that occurred in 2015.

The Parisian economy suffered large losses due to the reality that Chinese tourists decreased significantly soon after the attacks. Chinese tourists spent an average of 1400 euro per head according to statistics given by the popular Galeries Lafayette shops. Despite the truth that Paris is a highly populated destination for tourists, the fear of terrorism is still existent when selecting their destination.

Language Barrier

Apart from its cuisine, the language is regarded as to be conserved within Paris’ elements of culture. Locals are really conservative when it comes to their language resulting in getting a hindrance for the tourist not understanding French. The want for realizing standard words is somehow deemed a have to in such a city as handful of locals are fluent in English, generating a language barrier.

When deciding on a location, vacationers want to be at peace of thoughts that their chosen destination has the very same communication behavior that they do. If tourists locate difficulty in this, they will basically opt to go to other destinations and will not market the location with their close friends and relatives.


In any huge city in the world, there can never be too several cleaners to hold the city clean 24/7. When walking along the city one particular might come across litter around particular corners. A city has a massive quantity of energy and fossil fuels that need to have to be used to maintain running smoothly, which will boost the levels of air pollution. Traffic and congestion can also contribute to the city’s lack of cleanliness. Paris’s population consists of about 2.two million locals excluding the tourists, which can trigger large traffic congestions resulting in pollution on a day to day basis.


A fair amount of pickpocketers could be related with such city mainly in crowded places. A tourist or neighborhood need to stay on high alert when they are in the metro station. The metro stations are practically constantly full of men and women, so it is simpler for a pickpocketer to steal from tourists or locals. Security measures are constantly present, but they are by no means sufficient enough to cope with the city’s higher crime rate. Furthermore, vacationers are advised to take precaution and not carry belongings if essential. This could serve as a disadvantage to those looking for a high level of safety getting aware of such crimes going about in this prominent city. Summer is the peak season for criminality being the period with the highest number of visitors. Crime is rising every year, due to crimes that involve properties getting broken into, vandalism, physical attacks collectively with bribery and drugs.


Paris is also prone to a selection of scams. These can be classified primarily into five different scenarios. A effectively-recognized scam is ‘The Golden Ring’, exactly where a tourist is getting misled by the value of the golden ring is found on the street by those involved in a criminal act. The ‘Friendship’ bracelet scam is also known in the area, with customers getting somehow forced to acquire a bracelet. Along with other scams, fake charities petitions are typically carried out when requesting funds as soon as the ‘petition’ is signed for.

After obtaining evaluated a number of elements with regards to Paris, a single can conclude that it all depends on the tourist himself and how he/she tends to make use of the time allocated for such a destination, as the knowledge is all influenced by the choices and actions taking place by the tourist. Culture ought to be preserved although producing room for sustainable future developments. Possessing mentioned, Paris will continue to be 1 of the leading tourist destinations in the planet regardless of all its strengths and weaknesses.
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