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Published: 01-10-2019

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Important: This essay is not a finished work, it is only an outline that needs refinement and formatting.
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An Analysis of the Movie, Life in Seven Pounds, Featuring Will Smith

The director Will Smith has constantly been credited for the uniqueness of his a lot of films. The movie Seven Pounds starring Will Smith has a message which leaves the audience indecisive about their future and how it can possibly alter in an immediate affecting them in many ways. The primary message in the film is focused on what is each person’s mission in life, leaving the audience thinking, what is their purposes of life. Ben Thomas, Will Smith, killed seven lives in a tragic auto accident and it changes his view of life. The accident caused Ben to feel as if he necessary to give back and he decided that he would modify seven stranger’s lives. In order to comprehensive his mission he forgets about the laws of man but he searches for the seven strangers’ with wonderful work assuring that their circumstances are far from ordinary.

Ben Thomas acts as an IRS agent, stealing his brother’s badge, and offers folks extended tax breaks they are not legally entitled to. Emily Posas was 1 of the client’s that received a tax extension. She has a rare blood type and is dying of a heart disease. Ben fell in adore with her prior to her death but he did not only share his really like and support with her, he shared it with the six other strangers. Though his thought was illegal it did not matter simply because she was going to die and her taxes would not have mattered anymore. Emily thanked him for doing what she known as a “big favor” for her. She thanked him since she did not know that him giving her a tax extension was illegal, as a result, I feel that that just triggered him to a lot more guilt.

The film ends with Ben Thomas committing suicide and having it set up so that every single main organ of his physique is donated to other individuals in work to change their lives. Although he was alive, he donated a piece of his liver to a social worker who then referred an abused woman and her young children for assist. Before he committed suicide, he arranged a heart transplant to save a woman’s life with his very best pal, Dan, who is a heart surgeon. Dan did not assist with Ben’s suicide but he knew what was going to take place and chose to prepare every little thing for the heart transplant assuring that every little thing went smoothly. As a ideal friend, I feel he did not make the very best choice but it is also a challenging predicament because of how Ben felt deep down inside for what he did. He did save several lives with all the organs he donated and regardless of what anyone told Ben, he was going to kill himself since after he gave to the seven strangers and other individuals, he nonetheless was not able to reside with guilt. His concept was to give individuals who had been not offered a fair possibility a second likelihood, attempting to make up for what he did but understanding that no matter what he did it will not replace the lives of the seven innocent folks he killed.

Right after watching the movie I was still left with a query, “why does it take an accident for him to feel as if he has to give?” In a way I understood how Ben Thomas felt, taking seven lives is a huge deal. But, regardless of what you do in this would, I think absolutely everyone must constantly give in order to get. Ben did so a lot to attempt and make up for what he did and every little thing he did was beneficial to other folks displaying that he cared and he was certainly a loving person, but helping others will not replace the lives he took. Despite the fact that it was an accident, he ought to have been far more cautious. Committing suicide right after committing crimes, violating the laws, leaves the globe in query as to what is going on. Those people he helped can endure in the long run due to the fact what he did was illegal and he would not be there to support them. But, my opinion is my opinion due to the fact Ben had diverse experiences that I never ever had. That leaves me clueless of how he felt deep down inside. I can predict how he felt but what I observed in the film but every person will interpret his feeling in a different way. There might be folks out there who feel as if it is ok to really feel that you do not want to give to other individuals unless anything takes place.

Seven Pounds leaves a very good message to the audience permitting them to come to his or her own conclusion on how to interpret it. Each and every person can have a distinct perspective on the film, comparing it in different situations. The message of reaching your personal mission in this life is broken up into seven different conditions, which makes it possible for each and every viewer to take away their person interoperation of the film’s major message. The film often leaves several messages for the audience, and it will leave any individual with a lump in their throat. The major message to the audience is what their goal of life is. This film demonstrates a good instance of how any individual can be place into a scenario at any offered time and it can have an effect on your entire life. Many men and women do not count on certain items to take place to them and they might not deserve it but, items occur to any individual.
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