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Published: 19-12-2019

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Important: This essay is not a finished work, it is only an outline that needs refinement and formatting.
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An Analysis of the Pros and Cons of Globalization and How It Affects Global Economy

Many aspects define globalization, and it has a broad which means that mainly dwells on the modifications occurring on the social, economic, and political lines in the planet today. According to Sassen (2015), globalization has produced the globe presume a single nation. In enterprise, globalization has transformed the world economy by producing the globe appear like a single village. Transactions are straightforward to make, and likewise, goods can be bought with considerably ease. Nonetheless, globalization has brought in some adverse implications in different critical sectors in the planet. This paper seeks to discover each the unfavorable and optimistic impacts of globalization in the worldwide economy.

Constructive impacts

Researchers have found that globalization has developed effective markets for investors although enhancing the living requirements of the buyers (Crane, and Matten, 2016). Markets have been opened for investors all more than the world to provide customers with what they are prepared to sell. This has permitted expansion of business globally because larger sales guarantees earnings which are rolled back to the firm to boost investments. Via globalization, investors have also outsourced goods and services which have enabled them to minimize the price of production. Consequently, they have expanded their sales and buyers have a wide variety of goods and solutions obtainable for them at reasonably priced method.

According to Crane and Matten (2016), globalization has enhanced competition amongst the producers. The producers are competing for a hold of the economy. Venturing across international borders forces investors to abide by the worldwide industry requirements of goods. Fighting for a marketplace share with each other with adherence to worldwide standards has compelled the organizations to boost the top quality of their goods. The availability of higher-top quality goods has permitted buyers to select from a wide range of options. The existence of competitors has also led to lowered costs of goods and thus improving the living requirements of the persons living in third world nations.


A critic of globalization has pointed out that it has damaging impacts that are detrimental to third planet nations in a variety of methods (Clark, 2014). They have argued that the rise in globalization has exacerbated revenue inequalities. The income inequality has created a rift among the industrialized and less industrialized nations. Earnings inequality has risen given that the industrialized nations are the principal investors and as a result they are the primary beneficiaries although the third planet countries will just have the chance of purchasing cheap goods while income are taken to develop the mother countries of investors. The domination of the international commerce by transnational firms compounds the poor development in their location of development since they maximize on earnings.


From a superficial analysis, globalization has brought forth greatness to the world economy as properly as demeaned the developing nations. Although it is accompanied by weaknesses, globalization has managed to liberate and modify the world economy by a higher margin. The weakness of globalization can be managed by placing in location the needed policies that would bring to an finish its adverse implications.
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