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Published: 01-11-2019

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Important: This essay is not a finished work, it is only an outline that needs refinement and formatting.
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An Evaluation of the PESTEL Factors Impact on the Fast Food Industry in the United States

Rapidly food is a type of food prepared quickly and served as a takeaway or fast meal normally involving reheating cooked meals. It was first cited in Britain in 1860 with the 1st fish and chips shops. In the 1950s, drive-via restaurants were first popularized in the United States. In addition, the National Institute of Well being defines rapidly foods as getting very saturated in salt, sugar, calories and viewed as alternatives to residence cooked meals. PESTEL Analysis is a framework utilized to investigate the macro- environmental variables that have an influence on the overall performance of organizations (Cadle, Paul & Turner, 2010). The term PESTEL is an acronym standing for Political, Financial, Social, Technology, Atmosphere and legal. In 1967, a Harvard professor Francis Aguilar founder the term PEST which he additional could be used independently or in combination with Porter’s 5 Forces and SWOT analysis (Arline, 2014). A very good understanding of the external variables permits companies to identify regions of opportunities and threats. This paper aims at assessing the PESTEL elements that have considerably impacted on the rapidly meals industry in the United States and point out probable future possibilities that the industry may capitalize.

The United States is a effectively-known behemoth in the fast food industry, as it recorded in 2015, a whopping $200 billion worth of income from the market. There exist over 200,000 quick meals restaurants exactly where it is estimated that more than 50 million Americans have a meal at one of the restaurants everyday (Rapidly Food Sector Evaluation 2016 – Cost & Trends, 2016). The quick meals brands in America are categorized into burger joints, sandwich shops, pizza areas and coffee cafés. Some of these brands consist of Jack in the Box, Arby’s, Domino’s Pizza, KFC, Pizza Hut, Burger King, Taco Bell, Subway and McDonald’s (McConnell & Bhasin, 2012). The market plays an invaluable part of employing over 4 billion and counting as a result assisting in lowering the unemployment price in the nation. In certain, franchise restaurants added in 2015 a total of 200,000 jobs in the market (Rapidly Food Market Evaluation 2016 – Price & Trends, 2016). A PESTEL evaluation of the quick food business in the United States entails the following

Political Elements

The political aspects refer to what degree does the government of a country intervene in the economy. Other aspects such as political instability or instability in overseas markets, government policy, tax policy, labor laws, foreign trade policy, trade restrictions and environmental laws are also taken into consideration and must be adhered to by the firms. Globally, rapidly food brands ought to guarantee that they have complied with the packaging regulations and hygiene and food high quality specifications so as to shield public wellness.

Nevertheless, in the United States of America, in spite of the a lot of published reports on quickly meals getting the result in of childhood obesity, there is tiny or no government intervention (Rapidly Food Industry PESTEL Analysis 2016 – Cheshnotes, 2016). However, the European counterparts, who came up with several initiatives to minimize the level of salt I foodstuffs following a report that demonstrated a link between salt intake and heart disease in the UK. Further, in Germany rapidly food restaurants are needed to specify on some nutritional elements for each and every meal served like levels of calories, sugar, saturated or unsaturated fat and salt levels in response to a food labeling initiative.

The cause for the self-regulating nature of the food business is attributed to two elements. US political program makes use of Laissez-Faire economics and the aggressive and concentrated nature of the food industry in the capital. McDonald plays a crucial function and together with other rapidly food restaurants the Trans Fat Content material had been foiled from becoming enacted into getting a regulation.

Economic Elements

Economic aspects influence how an organization does business and contributes to the amount of profit to be enjoyed. Interest rates, the disposable income of firms and consumers, inflation, exchange prices and financial development are crucial ideas that are thoroughly reviewed. The financial recession that occurred was quite disruptive in most industries, as it resulted in profits and consumer demand for goods and solutions drastically reducing (Kliman, 2012). Numerous individuals favor consuming out at a rapidly food restaurant to possessing a meal at conventional restaurants. Nonetheless, at the height of the recession crisis in 2008, the demand for McDonald’s merchandise did not improve or lower compared to the other markets of the very same item in Japan and France where the demand elevated. However, the fast food industry recognized that this does not make them recession-proof thus in a bid to increase sales, a variety of goods at low costs have been introduced to the menus. Also, client service was remarkably redefined to attract and retain previous and new clientele.

Social Elements

The social-cultural aspects reflect the shared attitudes and beliefs of the population. Some of the places of high concern contain wellness consciousness, age distribution, profession attitudes and population growth. In particular, the perception of wellness and life style has elevated due to the intervention of the media. Additionally, the quick meals market has received condemnation for the higher number of childhood obesity. McDonald has seasoned adverse public opinion from its consumers as it contributes significantly to the health issues. In response to this, the super size option In McDonald was faced out and milk, water, fruit smoothies, salads and fruits have been added to the menus (Pompper and Higgins, 2007). Also, most rapidly food businesses in an attempt to retain its users and decreased unfavorable public image, the nutritional content of meals are displayed and also, low calories food are served.

Technological Aspects

The use of net has opened ample possibilities in higher influence marketing and low-price merchandise and solutions for firms and industries. In the fast meals market, social media and on the web marketing have overwhelmingly supported the corporations and translated into a lot more revenue and fewer expenses. Technology has grow to be indispensable in the fast food market as revolutionary approaches are created so as to gather customers’ feedback on the items. In addition, some of the technological variables affecting Burger King contain access to automation technologies that will aid in improving operational efficiency (Kissinger, 2015).

Environmental Aspects

The rapidly food brands have been pressured by the US Food and Drug administration into adopting greener method so as to make sure continued buyer loyalty. Presently, McDonald is taking the initiative to encourage other enterprises on recycling and waste management (PESTEL analysis of McDonald’s and the food business, 2016).

Legal Variables

The legal elements consist of issues on product safety, marketing standards, health and safety, item labeling and equal opportunities. The primary areas affected by the law are in nutritive worth and meals top quality. Quick meals brands ought to recognize the value of compliance, sustainability and hygiene so as to ensure the survival of the firms (PESTEL evaluation of McDonald’s and the meals sector, 2016).

Some of the possibilities for development that can be capitalized over the subsequent 5 years incorporate involvement in IPOs and private equity for restaurants to boost investments, expansion to foreign markets as food craving is on a high and far more capital expenditure with the aim of expansion and remodeling. Also, the market focuses on mobile ordering apps like Taco Bell and tabletop menus in a bid to make their delivery solutions quickly. The quickly food sector remains a profitable type of company as the person taste for meals is rapidly changing and the temptation to salt and calories filled meals remains a concept as well stubborn to eradicate.
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