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Published: 06-12-2019

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Important: This essay is not a finished work, it is only an outline that needs refinement and formatting.
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Analysis of the Author's Satire on the Presentation of Products to Consumers in The Onion

In the mock press release from, The Onion, the author satirizes how goods are marketed to their customers and how individuals are gullible sufficient to believe all that marketers say about their solution. By describing MagnaSoles, a fake item, the author brings about humor and realization in that most advertising and marketing campaigns are bogus. To accomplish their purpose, the author uses his diction, appeals to ethos, and includes imagery to satire advertising and marketing.

By using his diction, the author’s connotation behind his words satirizes marketers and the ridiculous claims that they location on their products. By way of describing MagnaSoles as a, “total-foot rejuvenation system”, the reader can hear the sarcasm dripping from these words. Usually, these certain varieties of words are utilised in overplayed infomercials which overhype the item in attempt to sell. When a fake consumer describes their “intelligent” choice to purchase MagnaSoles, they comment on how the solution is “clearly endorsed” by physicians. Using these words, along with fake scientific-sounding jargon, reveals the connotation that people are gullible for believing that these medical doctors are genuine, just as many shoppers of actual products for sale think these products are endorsed by “doctors”. These doctors’ endorsements are utilised to make the solution look much better and the gullible shoppers think what is put in front of them. With the phrase, “healing energy of crystals”, the connotation is implied that any person ought to see how this is clearly fake, satirizing how many consumers believe anything a product’s’ site says. Via making use of diction, the author pokes enjoyable at marketers and these dumb sufficient to fall for their bogus products.

The author also appeals to ethos to satire marketers and their buyers by displaying how these who are interested in buying a item, will think anything they hear. By employing customers testimonies, the product seems to actually works, and creates so called proof that the product does what it claims. This account creates a liaison amongst the customer and the marketer as individuals will think “real” men and women. By utilizing Helen Kuhn’s testimony of her saying, “Just try to prove that MagnaSoles didn’t heal me”, the product appears to have proof that it performs just as a lot of real ads do. Employing client critiques on the MagnaSole, just as infomercials do, pokes enjoyable at those who purchase specific products after hearing great testimonials, whether it be from a pal or the Television. By utilizing quotes from Dr. Arthur Bluhe, “the pseudoscientist who developed the products”, the audience becomes susceptible to being manipulated by the organization as this man is posing as a physician and seems to know what he is talking about. Organizations who produce bogus products like MagnaSoles are being satirized by means of this as a lot of use “doctors” to market their merchandise too. By appealing to ethos, just as several infomercials do, the author shows how individuals believe something they hear and pokes enjoyable at firms for the way they market place to buyers.

By way of utilizing imagery, the author describes the product and its’ impact in such detail as to be sarcastic about the positive aspects of MagnaSoles. By painting the image of “healing crystals utilized to stimulate dead foot cells with vibrational biofeedback”, the reader is capable to see and understand how ridiculous this advertising campaign sounds.

This tends to make exciting of advertisements that try to in depth describe their item, but more than exaggerate it and make it sound ridiculous. To continue with imagery, the author describes that foot troubles come from when “the frequency of one’s foot is out of alignment with the Earth”. Anybody who reads this will instantly see how fake this sounds, however individuals continue to obtain idiotic goods like this. Through using imagery, The Onion describes the solution and its’ effects so vividly as to satirize the product and its’ consumer.

The Onion’s mock press release on MagnaSoles was meant to satirize marketers and the action they take to get shoppers to obtain their solution. By using diction, appealing to ethos, and adding imagery, the author shows how ridiculous most ads are.
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