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Published: 29-09-2019

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Best custom ROMs for Redmi Note 4

This write-up is dedicated to all these tech savvy folks out there who want to know which all are the greatest custom ROMs available out there for the most recent device from Redmi, the Redmi Note four. With excellent processing energy and exquisite features, this is 1 of these devices that can be tweaked by customers to use its maximum potential. Installing Custom ROMs is one of the very best and easiest techniques to make your mobile phone work much far better than how it does in stock ROM. Installing custom ROMs permits you to have much more functions than the business offers and also aids to offer a smoother and better interface.

Right here, we are listing some of the very best Custom ROMs for the REDMINOTE 4, the most current entrant in the sensible telephone marketplace. LineageOSIf you are already familiar with custom ROMs, probabilities are that you have already heard about the CyanogenMod. LineageOS was introduced proper following CyanogenMod had announced that they have stopped all their services and improvement. The Lineage 14.1 ROMlooks somewhat equivalent to the CyanogenMod Oss and their functionality too are really comparable to those from CM ( quite good ). TheLineage 14.1 is primarily based on the Android 7.1 Nougat and hence permits the users to get all the functions that Nougat produces on a device that run son Android Marshmallow!


Mod 13Even although CM has stopped all their solutions, CM13 is still available on the internet. Based out of Android Marshmallow, the CM13 is one particular of the quickest, smoothest and most user friendly custom ROMs out there. With features that provides its buyers a lot of customization options it is most likely the best custom ROM out there if you like the Marshmallow basic characteristics.

Resurrection Remix

When you appear for new Custom ROMs, stability of the OS is one thing you have to be wary of simply because there are a lot of custom ROMs out there that are not stable. This is precisely exactly where the Resurrection Remixscores maximum points. With a really stable and user friendly user interface this is a very good custom ROM. Combined with this is the reality that it has a extremely intimidating look that is effortlessly customizable. The truth that they have combined the greatest features from a variety of Custom ROMs has made this a single of the ideal custom ROMs out there.

Dirty Unicorns

Like most other user friendly custom ROMs accessible in the market. Most current version of the Dirty Unicorns accessible out there correct now is the10.four. The easy attributes that can be tweaked according to personal tastes fairly easily make it common among custom ROM lovers. Certainly worth a attempt if simple User Interface is what you are searching for.


If you are one particular of those people who consider performance of a device is the most important aspect, look no additional. This is one particular of the most lightweight and ultra quick custom ROMs accessible! With basic functions that keeps the ROM easy, the XenonHD is quite appealing. Even though the ROM is straightforward and lightweight make no mistake as this has an straightforward to customize User Interface with a variety of possibilities for the very same.


Like the name suggests, this is an extremely enjoyable to use ROM that supplies functions which makes the user encounter very good. The ROM appears to be really steady and bug cost-free which makes it really eye-catching!


The MIUI custom ROM has been developed by the developers team from MI who knows really nicely that not everybody utilizes stock ROMs. They have been consistently offering steady, user friendly and fascinating custom ROMs on a continual basis. With an appealing user interface and lot of characteristics to play with, this is a quite desirable custom ROM and is certainly worth the try.
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