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Published: 02-12-2019

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”Chasing Lincoln’s Killer” by James Swanson

The novel “Chasing Lincoln’s Killer”, by James Swanson, is about the plotting and killing of President Lincoln the twelve-day manhunt of John Wilkes Booth. Booth is the murderer of The United States 16th President, Abraham Lincoln. It was just the tail finish of The Civil War and Lincoln and the North did not see what was about to come. In a matter of time, the bloody Civil War would be more than. The Union would win, and the South would require to be rebuilt. As the North was partying, planning parades, and setting off fireworks, the South was arranging anything they could do to turn the war about. Four days right after all of the Union celebration, John Wilkes Booth knew it was more than and the only point he could do was get rid of Lincoln. He was drinking at the saloon with one of his friends discussing Abe. When all of a sudden, Booth fisted the table as a regret to the lost chance to support the Confederates. “What an outstanding likelihood I had, if I wished, to kill the president on Inauguration Day! I was on the stand, as close to him practically as I am close to you.”

On April 9th, 1865, Robert E. Lee and the Confederates, surrendered to U.S. Grant at Appomattox. Booth knew if he killed President Lincoln at his inauguration the South would have won. On April 11th, Lincoln delivered a speech about the end of the war. He wanted to inform people that the North and South would join together and rebuild the South. Proper in front of his podium was Booth. John turned to his friend and told him everything he objected in Lincoln’s speech and mentioned, “Now, by God, I’ll put him through… that is the final speech he will ever give.” As the whole North continued celebrating, Booth could not sleep till something was accomplished. John Wilkes Booth along with six identified other individuals from the South had been reviewing their strategy to abduct Lincoln. John starts his day at the National Hotel consuming breakfast, then he walks about a block down Pennsylvania Avenue. His quick stroll leads him to Ford’s Theater, where he gets his everyday mail. Three days prior to the planned kidnapping of the president, Lincoln’s wife mailed a letter to Ford’s Theater proclaiming the president and U.S. Grant would attend the reside comedy, Our American Cousin, at Ford’s Theater in Washington D.C. Booth, knew that that message was urgent and must be that Abraham was watching the play that night, April 14, because that was the only playing that month. John knew this was his likelihood for revenge. His abduction plan was set and it was time to get real.

Becoming a famous actor, Booth knew that certain theater and the play actually properly. J.W.B. and his ‘gang’ were going to change almost everything in just a quick time. Booth knew the ins and outs of the play, when loud sounds happened , when the stage was cleared, and so forth. In my opinion, if it came down to killing the president appropriate then and there J.W.B. was the man. He knew every single pathway, hallway, secret exit, doors, every thing. He believed his program would be successful, Lincoln would be abducted and he would escape. Booth was willing to throw away his whole life, whether or not he got away with his crime or not. He did not care if he lost his fame, cash, loved ones, or even his life. He knew that if he was to lose his acting fame at least he would be remembered. It was April 14, and every thing that took spot on this day would modify U.S. history forever. In this case, the prey came to the predator. J. Wilkes Booth’s first errand was to leave a note for Vice President Johnson at his unguarded hotel suite. His letter read, “Don’t wish to disturb you. Are you home?” His subsequent spot to stop was a boarding property, just a couple of blocks away from the theater. Mary Surratt, a Confederate spy had lived there and Booth had paid her to “do some function.” Booth asked Mary to provide a small package to her tavern on her way to Maryland that day and then told her that he would be speedily riding out of Washington. He would then ride a horse to Maryland to get his package at the tavern along with guns, ammunition, and other supplies that Mary’s son had already ready. His last handful of preparations for that evening would incorporate mental and physical prep. He chose his .44 caliber, single-shot pistol. Booth was going to shoot Lincoln. Powell was to aim for Secretary of State, William H. Seward.

Atzerodt was to kill Vice President, Andrew Johnson, but he backed out. He did not want to be remembered as a negative guy and Harold was the support and spy man. He was just there for help. It was shortly following 8:00 P.M. and the Lincolns were shortly behind schedule. Their private carriage had just arrived. Booth necessary to cross behind the stage so he could be on the other side of the constructing to go up the modest stairway to the private balconies. He had to exit via a trap door that led him to the saloon and he knew he had one particular last time to have what could be his final drink at roughly ten:00 in the evening. Booth left the bar and went back into the theater’s lobby. He was nevertheless on time with the dialogue and it was time. Booth secretly crawled up the small curved methods and got to top appropriate in front of the door that leads him to the president’s balcony. He was shocked to see zero guards, no one particular standing at the door. In just a few moments Booth knew only one actor would be on stage and that every person would be complete of laughter. Booth squeezed the trigger, “You sockdologizing old mantrap,” was the line to make everyone laugh, the audience and the gun ‘explode’.

The box lit up as if a lightning bolt struck the balcony. The bullet struck his head, on the decrease left side. Booth jumped off the private balcony and onto the stage. He escaped protected, just with a broken fibula. Booth’s last words stated had been “Sic semper tyrannis!” Translated from Latin to English, “Thus constantly tyrants.” Lincoln died the morning right after his shot at 7:02.. Now each the North and South are in grief. Powell and Herold still had to fulfill their duty. They had arrived at Secretary Seaward’s estate and Powell entered pretending to be a doctor’s servant delivering medicine. He was welcomed in, but the servant and guard inside have been not fond of enabling him upstairs. Powell mentioned repeatedly “I need to go up, I have to go up.” Finally, after ten minutes of arguing they proceeded to enable him upstairs it was time to make one more bold move. The son of the Secretary would not budge there was no way he could enter the secretary’s area. So, Powell pretended to give up. He started walking down the steps and then ran rapidly correct back up them with his gun. He pulled the trigger and nothing occurred. But as opposed to Booth, he has five more bullets to use considering that he is making use of a .36. He shot once more and hit the son but the gun broke. He forced his way into Seward’s bedroom and had to attack him.

Seward survived and died October ten, 1872. Twelve days later, the Union army tracked Booth. He was located in Virginia, in a farmer’s barn. Boston Corbett, a Union army soldier, shot and killed J. Wilkes Booth, on April 26th, 1865. I am rating this book an eight out of ten. It was extremely interesting and an simple study. Chasing Lincoln’s Killer, had a lot of detail and description. What I did not like was that as I was reading there would not be a warning and all of a sudden, the author shared a flashback or one thing that currently happened. Most issues I had currently recognized, the book just added detail and a lot more people. I would recommend this book to 7th graders and above. This was one of the best nonfiction books I have ever study.
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