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Childhood Obesity Essay

Years, the constant growing at the rate of children obesity in America is disturbing. According to these centers for Disease Control and Prevention, this rate of kids fat increase from 7 percent in 1980 to 12 percent in the class of twenty years. Some people might not consider obesity to other issues occurring in the world, and consider it as valuable, but what they do not realize is the harmful effects of the epidemic on each individual facing it. Obesity may change more than those physical attributes
In these previous years, Childhood obesity has finally been a huge topic in the United States . This is not actually simply the issue anymore; childhood obesity has become the epidemic , too in America. These childhood obesity rates have been increasing very quickly; it is growing into difficult to keep these booming rates, mostly everywhere you get you find the obese person. There are some factors that exist causing these childhood obesity rates to change within the blink.
Childhood obesity: One after consequence of this outbreak of adult fat, is the increased rate of childhood obesity. At the systematic review of literature on frequency of fat within childhood in the United States , it was discovered that at 2012 16.9 percent of kids were classified as fat, with the highest prevalence being ages 12-19. Even though there is a standard used to determine fat (BMI ) , the criteria made to be considered obese are absolute. Being fat is mostly getting extra body fat. Mostly, teenage children's diets are operated by their parents, so they do not get full control at how they consume.

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