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Communication Process Essay

Whenever you've had a conversation, texted a person, or had a job show, you get engaged in communicating. Any time two or more people go together to change messages, they are engaging in the essential activity. Although it seems easy, communication is really quite difficult, with a number of elements. The term communicating process relates to the exchange of data (the communication) between two or more people. For communicating to thrive, both companies must be able to exchange knowledge and see each other. If the flow of data is stopped for some reason or the companies may not get themselves understood, then communication breaks.
Let's examine what we've learnt. This connection process is the steps we make in order to successfully interact. Elements of this communication process include the sender, encoding of the message, choosing of the line of communication, acknowledgement of the message by the receiver and decoding of the message.
This communication process is the ideal guide toward attaining efficient communication. When followed properly, this procedure will usually ensure that the sender's message can be interpreted by the receiver. Although this communication process appears easy, it essentially is not. Certain barriers represent themselves throughout this process. Those barriers are elements that have the bad effect on the communication process. Some common barriers include the use of the improper communication (Channel ) , improper grammar, provocative languages, texts that conflict with body language, and technical jargon. Sound is also another common obstacle.

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