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Published: 04-12-2019

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Important: This essay is not a finished work, it is only an outline that needs refinement and formatting.
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Community Service in High School Should Not Be Mandatory

Going into high college I believed that I was going to become more involved through college spirit and assisting the neighborhood by joining numerous clubs nonetheless, this wasn’t the case when I participated in several extracurriculars and Advance Placement courses. Despite the fact that I have been absent in regards to participating in the neighborhood, I still understand and appreciate the value of neighborhood service. Neighborhood Service through high college has been a main facet towards achievement and the development of a excellent character. Often occasions there are correlations between involvement within the community, and even accomplishment in college. Numerous individuals like me in higher school do not participate in clubs that aid our neighborhood, consequently people question the structure and ideology of community service, wanting it to be mandatory for all high college students. A mandated neighborhood service system for higher school students will only crush the purpose of it, and basically force young individuals into mandatory labor and demoralize students from community service.

The sole intention of neighborhood service in our present generation is to volunteer on our personal will and support the neighborhood because we want to. Reforming our college method and mandating community service would only alter the way we look at it and defeat the purpose of it. In Document five, Authors Arthur Stukas, Mark Snyder, and Gil Clary elaborate the influence of Mandatory Volunteerism and the effects of enforcing a mandated method. “Two research suggest that neighborhood service needs can have adverse effects on students intentions to volunteer freely.” Basically, the authors argue that neighborhood service specifications will only develop a undesirable image of it for high school students. The goal of neighborhood service is to show your leadership as an individual and to express your passion to helping the neighborhood and those in want. This is why the value of neighborhood service is set so high for men and women who invest their time to support the community. When a mandated method is implemented, there is no value of it due to the fact men and women are forced to support the neighborhood. There is no way to distinguish among who wants to support, and who is forced to aid. Therefore the community service and volunteerism will devalue and deteriorate in quality. A lot of would argue that the purpose for neighborhood service is to support the neighborhood and it is not about the positive aspects from carrying out so. Our existing generation and society has sculpted the way we look at community service simply because of the importance of universities. Due to the gridlock in academic success all through the nation, universities look at the involvement in clubs, and dedication for helping your neighborhood, a way to show your leadership as an individual. If we were to mandate community service for all higher school students, this would just be yet another gridlock, producing it tougher for universities to decide on in between students. Most importantly, also lowering the quantity of participation for neighborhood since the worth of it has decreased.

By implementing reforms and generating community service mandatory, not only does it devalue neighborhood service, but will also prevent students from wanting to assist our community. When we as people volunteer and aid on our free will, it tends to make it far more particular and encourages us to continue. Nevertheless, becoming forced into one thing will only make us want to quit and dislike it. The same psychological principle applies to community service as properly. In Document 7, author Mark Lopez analyzed the effects of requiring community service and the attitudes towards this cause. Far more than 60% of students are unfavorable with the idea of requiring neighborhood service. Given that higher college students are aged 15-17, if they have an unfavorable attitude towards neighborhood service, they will not attempt their very best. With a undesirable experience of neighborhood service in the starting, they will only be demoralized from serving the community in the future. Rather of creating a mandated community service method, we need to just keep the system the way it is and let students have exposure to community service by way of their personal efforts. There are numerous motives on why individuals cannot participate in community service, so we ought to respect their decisions and not force it upon them. If needs for community service had been to be enacted, this will only cause men and women to fight against the program and neglect neighborhood service. The primary cause why individuals have proposed the thought for mandating community service is simply because several people have no exposure to it. Despite the fact that some higher school students would be grateful that they have knowledgeable the joy in helping the community, the loss in worth for community service overrides the value in helping students gain knowledge. If community service have been to grow to be mandatory, higher school students won’t encounter the joy and satisfaction of helping their community since they are forced to do it, rather of wanting to do it. This will only improve the quantity of students who despise community service due to the fact it is mandatory, but also simply because they have no emotional rewards from accomplishing such tasks. The greatest way to prolong the ideology of community service is to make it optional instead of mandating it.

By producing a mandatory community service technique, it would defeat the purpose of community service and also demoralize men and women from wanting to participate in assisting the community. Moreover, if we make neighborhood service mandatory, this is essentially a type of mandatory labor. If we develop needs for neighborhood service, the ideology of neighborhood service would date back to the mid-1900s. As an alternative of gaining the satisfaction from helping our nation, we would be forced to perform for the government for totally free. In Document 1, authors Neil Howe and William Strauss write,” Boomers had eliminated mandatory civic duty for their later cohorts and the generation to comply with.” This is an example of how we have gone past the concept of “mandatory labor” via the social terms of “community service”. Alternatively of progressing and evolving as a society, we will eliminate the goal of community service and force millions of high school students in assisting the community. This is not only equivalent to the earlier example of neighborhood service in the 1940s, but also ruins the vast majority of opportunities for the unemployed. If our neighborhood demands volunteer perform, instead of forcing millions of high college students to accomplish the process, we need to generate jobs out of these specifications for those who are unemployed. This will assist a lot of citizens who are in need to have of a job and suitable economic help. On the other hand, we wouldn’t defeat the objective of neighborhood service neither would we demoralize higher school students from wanting to participate in community service. By mandating neighborhood service, we would also be supporting child labor. High school students will operate for free of charge with no advantages for either their transcripts or even their mental perception of community service.

In the end, mandating community service is absolutely not a very good issue for our society and generation. By requiring higher college students to participate in neighborhood service, we will crush the sole purpose of community service and also lose the satisfaction from it. Students will also be demoralized from assisting the community due to the negativity it brings just because it is mandatory. If the intention of community service is diminished, and higher school students despise community service, we would basically produce a technique that forces high college students to operate for the government and community with no financial or social reward. Even even though high college students like me are also busy to find time for community service, it is nonetheless greatest that we preserve it optional rather of producing it mandatory.
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