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Published: 28-10-2019

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Critique Review: A Modest Proposal

One particular of the outstanding piece in the literature planet, “A Modest Proposal” is known for its absurd usage of words as well as mockery and humorous nature to depict the dilemma of poverty in Ireland. Written in the point of view of a concern and empowering economist, this satirical essay promotes the answer of promoting the kids of the poor for meals of the wealthy men and women. Jonathan Swift is the man behind the satire, “A Modest Proposal: For Preventing the Kids of Poor Men and women in Ireland from Becoming a Burden to Their Parents or Country, and for Creating Them Advantageous to the Public” which is typically identified as “A Modest Proposal”.

Written and published anonymously by Swift in 1729, it was initially printed in the kind of a pamphlet. Taking inspiration from the unfair economic and political policies of the Irish and English government, Swift was able to write an incomparable operate of rhetorical brilliance. Swift’s homeland, Ireland, was a country that had been controlled by England for almost 500 years. Just like other colonies, the rights of the Irish men and women had been severely limited in getting energy in the government office, owning actual estate, getting an education, and advancing themselves.

These lead to the migration of most Irish individuals to foreign lands such as America. Most of these who remained in Ireland lived in poverty. They were bound to face the worst conditions such as illness, starvation, prejudice and even death. Utilizing the happenings in his homeland, Swift mocks the authority of the British officials through writing a proposal which seems to be suggesting that the Irish ought to sell their young children as foods for the wealthy gentleman and ladies in order to eradicate the poverty. He also argues that other benefits from his proposal have been a reduction in the population and increase in the earnings of the poor. He also recommended that the meat of the youngsters need to be regarded as a delicacy to English people as well as Irish landlords. This kind of meat is highly advisable to be consumed for the duration of specific occasions and feasts. To develop his peculiar thesis, Swifts provides detailed paragraphs in order to project a comprehensive proposal to the readers. He also showed detail mathematical calculations of the price of upbringing the child to the estimated portion of the population where money can be generated. Highly dependent on the persona of the economist, Swift was able to construct an image of cruel society which aims for the sympathy for the poor. As he continues to expound his arguments, the nature of the essay was becoming murderous in a sense of upbringing the notion of cannibalism.

Although brutality was prominent, he was able to incorporate some humor in the development of his tips. He was also in a position to rationally presented his arguments to help an irrational proposition. For the structure of the essay, Swift used the regular format- introduction, physique, and conclusion. In the opening, the author stated his thesis statement as effectively as the issue which as the reprehensible economic and social circumstances of the Irish men and women which prevents them from providing an sufficient care for their children. The thesis was additional created in the physique with the use of details and persuasive words. As for the conclusion, he restated the main advantages that 1 could acquire in his proposal. He also provided a short explanation with regards to the superiority of his proposal when examine to other poverty treatments. The irony was the dominant figure of speech in Swift’s satirical essay.

Throughout the body and conclusion of “ A Modest Proposal”, Swift produced his arguments with irony, stating the opposite of what he genuinely indicates. He provides a good development for the predicament of the Irish men and women. He compares them to animals in order to point out that Irish folks deserve a better treatment from the British government alternatively of treating them as animals. Sarcasm and irony were properly maintained and utilized in his essay. Not only that, the irony was evident at the end of his essay where Swift stated that the proposal would not impact him given that his wife cannot create any children any longer and that his kids have been grown up males. This indicates that the author wanted the readers do not agree with him and the idea of cannibalism. Instead, he wants the readers to discover a more practical remedy to the issue of poverty. Given that the proposal was ironic itself, the voice of the essay was also ironic. Aside from that, Swift also makes use of other techniques for his satire such as understatement, hyperbole, and juxtaposition.

The absurd thesis was used by Swift in order to attack the English government and the Irish politics. The themes emerging from the proposal had been exploitation of the supreme government and the prejudice of the colony. Swift’s satire describes the brutality of the British officials via imposing unfair laws, high tax charges, and other injustice acts which resulted in oppression felt by the individuals of Ireland.

The lack of action of the Irish individuals was also a theme of the satire. Swift also expresses his concern with the Irish folks who can't act with a firm resolution to enhance their conditions. In terms of words chosen for the title of his essay, Swift was capable to give a preview of style and nature of his essay. By utilizing the word ‘modest’, he was capable to mock the false modesty of current pamphlet throughout his time. Possessing the word ‘modest’ is the title for a satire is outrageous for satire is identified for its mockery and immodest nature. This alone can intrigue men and women into reading his work.

General, Swift was capable to effectively utilized satire as a vessel to convey his viewpoint with regards to the social concerns emerging throughout his time. With the use of irony, humor, and exaggeration, he was using an outrageous concept, selling children for food, to provide a message. The persona of an economist, abundance of detail, and ironic tactics had been the crucial elements employed by the author in order to create a piece with devastating impact. A Modest Proposal is an outstanding instance of satire.
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