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Desire Theory Essay

To want is to remain in a specific state of mind. It is a state of thought familiar to everyone who has always needed to consume food or wanted to know what has happened to the old person, But its closeness does not make it easy to tell the concept of feeling. Conflict now breaks out when taking whether needing food and desiring knowledge are, in bottom, the same state of thought as others that appear pretty like: Caring never to have been born, preferring mangoes to peaches, craving gin, Having world conquest as one's destination, having the purpose at sneaking out to the shed, or being tended to arouse only for the purpose of aggression. These different states of thought have all been grouped together under this way of ‘ pro attitudes ’, but whether that pro attitudes represent basically one psychological state or some is disputed.
The advantage shared by learning-based theories and holistic theories of feeling is that they exist, in the physical way, Able to hold that the intensity of the feeling may be a constant even while the result of this feeling on action, feelings, or ideas seems disproportionate to the feeling's strength. In the example of learning-based theories of feeling, so long as there is the only causal relation between the education signal and the common signs of feeling power, There is no contradiction in taking that the strong feeling has consequences like those of the weak feeling, or vice versa.
There is a concept in belief called this Desire theory of Well-Being. Essentially, this concept says that being happy rests on getting what you need, getting what you want. What would be more fair than that? This appears to be a very spontaneous way of knowing what constitutes feeling or well-being. It turns out, However, that there are some strong critiques of the concept. In the P4L we can take what makes the living better by reading and talking about passages by modern desire theorists and their critics.

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