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Published: 16-12-2019

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Earth Goddess Rhea in the Greek mythology

Who was Rhea? Rhea was an Earth Goddess, accountable for the fertility of the soil, girls and motherhood. She took more than most of these responsibilities from her mother Gaia/Gaea. Rhea was the “Mother of the Gods”, her name means “flow” and “ease”. Rhea was the goddess of motherhood and not only that she saved her children from her brother and husband. Rhea is the daughter of Gaia goddess of earth and Uranus god of the sky.

Rhea was portraed as a stunning, motherly lady. She had many sibilings like Cronus, Hyperion, Lapetus, Theia, Themis Mnemosyne, Pheobe and Tethys. She married her brother Cronus god of time she had six youngsters like Hesita, Demeter, Hera, Haides, Poseidon, and Zeus. Individuals confuse Rhea with her mother because Rhea carried on alot of her mother’s traits Rhea was married to Kronos, also spelled Cronus, who feared that his own youngster would fight with and replace him as King of the Gods, just as he had accomplished with his own father Ouranos.So when Rhea gave birth, he gobbled up the young children. They did not die, but remained trapped in his body.

Rhea ultimately grew tired of losing her kids in this way and managed to get Kronos to take a wrapped rock alternatively of her most recent baby, Zeus. Zeus was raised in a cave on Crete by the goat nymph Almatheia and guarded by a group of militant guys known as the kouretes, who concealed his cries by banging together their shields, maintaining Kronos from understanding whee he was. Zeus then fought his father, freeing his brothers and sisters. Rhea is normally shown as a matronly lady with a turret crown, standing amongst two lions or on a chariot pulled by lions. The moon is another a single of her symbols representing her part as a fertility Goddess. Her sacred animal is a lion, her sacred plant is a fruit bearing tree and her sacred day is Saturday.

As the wife of cronus she represented the eternal flow of time and generations. She had strengths and weaknesses like each other individual, her strengths were that she was a fertile mother goddess, and in defence of her kids she was crafty and daring. Her weakness was that she place up with Cronus consuming her young children far to long. Rhea was the goddess of motherhood and not only that she saved her children from her husband. Rhea was an essential and powerful goddess but what else did she do that no a single else knows? Rhea is the mother of Zeus god of thunder and lightining also father of gods, Rhea in my opinion was one particular of the most critical goddess.
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