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Published: 25-12-2019

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Important: This essay is not a finished work, it is only an outline that needs refinement and formatting.
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Elisabeth Kubler-Ross Book The Fear Of Death; How It Has Tackled Death's Evolution

In the story “On the Worry of Death,” I believe the author’s main objective was to describe how death has evolved more than time. I have seen the way issues have changed throughout time and the differences among how men and women use to do issues versus now. I do agree with her since of the way she describes different experiences about death such as the way it affects the loved ones in diverse ways, how contemporary medicine has prolonged death, and the lack of personalization to the particular person who is dying. In the book, she also describes how even although we know of death and that everybody dies, we nonetheless have a tough time accepting it when it occurs.

As I was reading this story, I was enthused by the psychological effects of the loved ones members in the house. I found it fascinating when the author stated “the youngster who angrily wishes his mother to drop dead for not having gratified his wants will be traumatized tremendously by the actual death of his mother. Even if his occasion is not lined closely in time with his destructive wishes. He will usually take portion or the whole blame for the loss of his mother.” (Kubler-Ross 91) I knew that if it happened closely in time the child would feel that way, but was a shock to me when I found out he could still really feel this way following a extended period of time. Another example is about household members who fight continually they have a tendency to put all the blame on themselves when their significant other dies. The guilt and regret they feel simply because they were not nice to every other also feeling like if they have been nice possibly this scenario would not have occurred.

I also believe that medication has extended the life of human beings. Individuals are living longer lives than men and women in the earlier generations because scientist have produced new vaccinations to aid stop kids from getting a disease that can lead to them to die. They have developed remedies to aid heal folks when you get into a auto accident, break bones, go by way of surgeries and have cancer. Contemporary medicine has aided in extending lives.

When a individual gets sick most of the time the loved ones has a lack of personalization to the individual who is dying. They do this for several motives one being selfishness. This happens so frequently due to the fact we are not however prepared to inform the person we enjoy great bye forever. One more is we neglect to ask the patient what they want rather of carrying out what we really feel is correct. For instance, the author states “when a patient is severely ill, he is frequently treated like a individual with no correct to an opinion. It is typically someone else who tends to make a decision if and when and exactly where a patient must be hospitalized. It would take so small to don't forget that the sick person too has feelings, has wishes and opinions, and has most crucial of all the right to be heard.” (Kubler-Ross 94) We let our selfishness interfere with the reality that the patient could want anything diverse because we want our loved one to be healed. Since we do this we make our loved ones really feel uncomfortable. An instance my grandma was sick throughout my life she was often in and out of the hospital. A handful of weeks before she passed the medical doctors had described her condition and informed my family members and I we did not have much time left with her they and gave us some choices to try and prevent this from happening and we all knew that she would die without the process. Her husband was telling the medical doctors to do every little thing they can to try and support her when there was also a 50% chance she would die for the duration of the process due to the fact of how sick she was. He never asked her what she wanted and how she felt consequently she was dying in the most uncomfortable way ever. Eventually they told him nothing they were carrying out was assisting and all they could do was reduced the dosage of her medication to help her really feel comfortable and die peacefully. My mom and grandmother had a conversation and she did not want to die like that my grandma informed my mother she had the energy of lawyer and permitted the medical doctors to ask the patient wanted. It was difficult and a single of the hardest items my mother has had to do but it was important to ask the patient how she felt. Her husband was a excellent instance of describing what the author meant in his story due to the fact he was not ready to say goodbye. What he did not comprehend is no a single ever is, there was in no way going to be a appropriate time to say bye for any of us.

The reality of life is we know we are all going to die at some point and however have a hard time accepting it when it occurs. The way I have knowledgeable death was a shock to me and I believe that was because I am naive to believe it will in no way occur. I know in my head we are all going to die but I also really feel that no one particular important in my life will ever pass. This is a terrible point to do but I really feel all of us really feel this exact way towards death.

I agree with Elisabeth Kubler-Ross simply because modern day medicine has evolved over time and helped stop sicknesses, we do tend to neglect what our loved one wants and feels in tough conditions, and due to the fact of the way death has different effects on many men and women. I believe her principal point was to show us how a lot our traditions have changed all through time by giving us the examples she gave. I also agree with her since I was capable to relate 1 of my circumstances with most of the quick examples she gave.
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