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Ethical Paradigms Essay

How should one consider the philosophies of design? There are clear moral principles that regulate creativity in medical care, , e.g., the regulatory ethics paradigm. The regulatory ethics paradigm states that deviations from basic care require the level of research that involves a set of processes to ensure the protection of the rights and well-being of research subjects. For instance, any advanced investigation or current medical process must be reviewed and approved by the Institutional Review committee. The model also involves the preparation of investigational protocols according to strong evidence and methodological measures. In so doing, it makes the assumption that designs that are not strictly validated are ethically questionable. However, no such principles determine modern practices in international health. How does one introduce while focusing on level and assuring that this mind is evidence-based? What are moral issues affected with cultural entrepreneurship?


This article encourages community college leaders to employ ethical paradigms when constructing and considering alternative courses of action in decision-making processes. The authors discuss four previously articulated paradigms (e.g., ethic of justice, ethic of critique, ethic of care, and ethic of the profession) and propose an additional…


Purpose: The aim of this paper is to explore the rationale for teaching sustainability and engineering ethics within a decision-making paradigm, and critically appraise ways of achieving related learning outcomes. Design/methodology/approach: The paper presents the experience of the School of Civil Engineering at the University of Sydney in…


With no intent to be the Muslim perspective, Ammar presents the Islamic moral perspective supported by the Qur'an, Hadiths, Sunnah, and Sharia'h. She explains that the idea of `` ethics '' may be interpreted in Islamic terms as hay'a, the government of attitude and/or knowledge of great acts. Ammar offers clear moral guidelines regarding raw materials ( preservation, sharing, processing with kindness) , and protected and maintained land designations. She concludes with the idea that any discussion on the environmental situation should be responsive to social issues.


The section encourages group college leaders to use moral paradigms when building and considering alternative courses of action in decision-making processes. These authors talk about four previously formulated paradigms (e.g. , ethic of righteousness, ethic of criticism, ethic of care, and ethic of the business) and suggest the additional…


But the question remains: Why is human emotion an important factor for you to consider as you design your architecture? For starters, reaching for an emotional response in occupants can help your architecture achieve a higher level of poetics. You see, when your architecture can connect emotionally with its occupants, its message and its meaning can be felt more deeply — thus, more readily leaving a lasting impression.

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