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Published: 03-11-2019

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Important: This essay is not a finished work, it is only an outline that needs refinement and formatting.
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Forced Volunteering: Taking Away the Purpose of Volunteering

To be in a position to graduate, numerous high schools require their students to fulfill a specific amount of volunteer hours. The difficulty that has arisen is that numerous individuals believe creating a student volunteer requires the objective out of volunteering. There are several approaches you could stand on this concern, but in my opinion it all depends on the person. No matter whether or not a person must be needed to volunteer should rely on their extracurricular activities, grades and age.

Any high school student that has been involved in an extracurricular activity knows how tough it can be to manage time for college function. In between practice if you are involved in a sport and meetings if you are in a club, there is tiny time to get homework and school projects completed. To be needed to volunteer on prime of that, would in my opinion be also stressful on a high school student. I myself participate in school sports and know how difficult it is to get homework completed. On a typical school day I get residence from practice about seven. I then only have a small window of time to do homework if I want to get in bed by a decent hour. Also I have cross nation meets every Saturday, leaving only Sunday for time to relax. If I had to volunteer, Sundays would be my only option. As a result I would be completely busy all week with no down time. In the end, if a student participates in one sport or club every single year, they must not be necessary to volunteer.

1 other purpose I believe a student shouldn’t have to volunteer depends on their grades. For example, a student with all A’s and B’s need to be exempt from volunteering. The explanation being is that they have place in time and effort in order to get those grades and consequently must be rewarded with down time. If they had to volunteer, a big chunk of the free of charge time they earned would be taken up. On the other hand, if a student fails to make those grades they need to be punished by getting to put in so numerous volunteer hours. One benefit of this is that the student may possibly strive to make greater grades so they don’t have to volunteer. In the end grades should also be a deciding element in no matter whether or not a student is required to volunteer.

Final, a student’s grade level should play a function in whether or not they ought to be necessary to volunteer. The reason being is that colleges and universities appear at what extracurricular activities a student participates in and volunteering is one particular of the activities they look for. As many men and women know, students do not commence applying to colleges till they are at least a junior. Consequently, it is my opinion that underclassmen, or freshman and sophomores, ought to not be essential to volunteer. If a student ought to be needed to volunteer, it ought to not be till they are a junior or senior. In the finish, if students had been needed to volunteer to impress their college of option, it must not be until they are juniors and seniors.

Forced volunteering, in my opinion, requires the purpose out of volunteering. Regardless of whether or not a student should have to volunteer depends on three factors. They are no matter whether the student participates in extracurricular activities, their grades and their age. If a student plays sports, makes A’s or B’s on a standard basis, or is an underclassmen they must not be essential to volunteer. In the finish, students need to often be permitted a way to be exempt from forced volunteering.
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