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Published: 21-10-2019

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Formal and informal communication

In an organization, the flow of communication can either be formal or informal. Communication that flows through typical channels can be upward, horizontal or downward. Communication that flows through informal organizational channels is usually referred to as grapevine. Previously, informal communication acted as a hindrance to the operations of an organization, but it is no longer the case since today it is applied to increase organizational operations (Johnson et al., 1994).

Informal communication does not follow any certain channel instead it flows in all directions. Informal communication which is at instances referred to as informal communication spreads in an organization in the type of single-strand messages, rumors and gossip. It mostly spreads quickly and efficiently in an organization that has access to private or person interpretation. Informal communication is usually much more direct and quicker than formal communication. Personnel are classified into two categories of informal communication, and they are either dead-ender or isolate personnel. A dead-ender is an employee that does not pass data to other folks following he receives it in massive quantities. An isolate is an employee that receives significantly less than half of the open information. Informal communication can result in devastating miscommunication that may possibly partially or completely paralyze the operations of an organization. In contrast, informal communication can be advantageous given that it makes it possible for workers to express their feelings or grievances with out any limitations. Therefore, staff tend to be motivated when they are allowed to express themselves freely resulting in improved efficiency and productivity (Johnson et al., 1994).

Best-downward or downward communication is a category of precise details. Leading-downward communication is a approach applied by executive management to communicate to personnel in reduced organizational positions. Downward communication is utilized to implement management recommendations and company policies. In downward communication, distortion of info relayed by the executive management usually happens. Downward communication can be made far more efficient by enabling feedbacks from employees at decrease organizational positions. For downward communication to be much more successful, executive management has to be respectful of subordinate personnel, and the workers have to be obedient to the commands or messages that are relayed to them making use of the communication channel. Downward communication facilitates achievement of leadership improvement objectives due to the fact organizational leaders can pass details to staff under them and can very easily guide them employing the form of formal communication.
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