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Function Of Language Essay

Language is the most valuable means of communication manufactured by human society. Words helps us communicate our ideas, and see others. It’s trying to overestimate the value of words for our lifetimes. Every time we talk, we do it with a specific intention. Sometimes we need to convey the message, or express our feelings. We use words to ask for help, or simply to tell the laugh. Broadly, there are five important purposes of text, which are informational use, artistic use, communicative, phatic, and directive purposes. Any word is defined by a number of factors, such as the cultural setting, attitudes and origin of people. Word is usually associated with situation it is used within. Every individual has a specific cultural background, and that is what defines one’s words.
The cultural use of text relates to the way we relate words to our relationships with different people. Specifically, this cultural use of text is that it helps us interact in socially accepted ways with other groups of people or people, yet if we're attempting to tell the same thing to all of them.
Language is the multipurpose instrument which performs the procedure of letting other people know our thoughts, thoughts, emotions, beliefs and so forth in other ways. There are three major uses of text. Informative, communicative and the directive are the major uses of words which interact with personality, community and society.

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