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Published: 18-12-2019

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Important: This essay is not a finished work, it is only an outline that needs refinement and formatting.
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Ganito Kami Noon, Paano Kayo Ngayon reflection

Ganito Kami Noon, Paano Kayo Ngayon is a film that effectively depicts the struggle of Philippine independence, and the life of an ordinary boy trying to explore and learn more of the country. The death of his mother and his acquaintance with Padre Gil, a Spanish friar, became a purpose for a young man named Kulas Ocampo to traverse and set foot a lot more in a country with lost identity. With so much perseverance and courage, Kulas discovered Padre Gil’s son, Bindoy and at the same time, met a young beautiful lady named Diding, an actress who has so much passion and excellent desirein reaching her dreams and 1 who instantly caught Kulas’ heart.

Becoming unfamiliar to the spot, Kulas took the opportunity to ask assist from a Chinese merchant named Lim, whom they met along the way, to guide and bring them to Padre Gil’s residence because he has to bring Bindoy back to his father. Upon reaching Padre Gil’s residence, Kulas was then arrested and imprisoned with the rebels. It did not take lengthy to set Kulas cost-free out of jail given that Don Tibor, an in a position lawyer of Padre Gil, bailed him out in conformance with Padre Gil’s request. Kulas was also left with a lifetime fortune, and a responsibility to take care of Bindoy by Padre Gil as he had flew back to Spain. His life changed since then even so, it was not adequate because he wanted to have Diding as his lifetime companion. Regrettably, Diding was an ambitious lady who had inhumanity within her when it comes to the process of reaching her dreams which then resulted to breaking Kulas’ heart. With Don Tibor, who has soon discovered as a greedy and prideful elite, and Diding’s unfaithfulness, Kulas was dismayed and filled with anger against the both of them. Later that time, Kulas was questioned by the Spaniards about the rebels. Remained unconvinced, the Spaniards placed Kulas into prison for the second time and Kulas was then able to escape with Kidlat. In the course of such time, the American freed the Filipinos from the Spanish colonizers. And at the same time, Kulas had problems with his property since Lim’s mother attempted to claim the mentioned home. Don Tibor provided help to Kulas in reclaiming his home and was obviously in a position to supply statements that proved his ownership even so, at that time, Lim was found dead and Don Tibor met an accident which had him paralyzed for the rest of his life. After an huge occasion, it was then discovered out that Don Tibor was a married man to a woman from IloIlo. Diding overheard the news and later on, asked Kulas to have their marriage. Following some time, Diding told the truth about what she felt for Don Tibor. Right after what Kulas heard, he ultimately got into senses and created the correct decision to leave Diding.

Kulas produced certain that Bindoy goes to college and that he is well taken care of before he officially left and went back to his province. The film shows the transition of administration from Spaniards to Americans. It consistently contains and portrays lives of the Filipinos beneath the ruling of their colonizers. It has evidently shown the inferiority of the Filipinos in their own nation which then created the idea of national identity of the Filipinos to be obscured and vague. The query who is the Filipino that Kulas generally asked, became an eye-opener for us Filipinos, specially now that much more and a lot more economical advancements are occurring and as a identified third globe country, we tend to be left behind resulting to Filipinos appreciating much more the advancements of other nation than their really own. The film also consists of war which may possibly portray current genuine-life feuds that is present in our nation. These feuds may involve interpersonal or intrapersonal conflicts. It also strikes the variations amongst provincial and city life-style, social status and affection or adore in basic.

As for the technicalities, the light and musical scoring is very in conformity with the Spanish colonization setting which then, supplies its viewers an encounter in its setting. The complete film relayed so a lot moral lessons even though at occasions, it gave us a dragging feeling.
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