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Geographical Settings Essay

Geographic or personal setting is the aspect of setting that refers to where events happen and where characters go and interact. The geographic environment is a place in place. Literary characters would look and have their geographic backgrounds. This locale might be either realistically or theoretically described on The map. Geographic contexts might be identified as specific locations:
From my understanding, geographical context is the context that requires the area of where the pictures of the story happen. For instance, in the book, the main geographic place would be Kansas and green City. For example, Kansas is the area where Dorothy gets from. Kansas was this where this history begins with the cyclone sweeping away dorothy's home into the cyclone and stops with Dorothy falling safely to her auntie Em and Uncle Henry. The air of Kansas is very boring and has The very dull surrounding. This statement of Kansas would be seen in the first section of the story, at page 99.
Environment is divided into three measures that are geographic context, historical context and personal context. Setting also depicts the area and time the event takes place in a specific story. In the story, just geographic context and personal environment is needed. Aside from this, the feeling and atmosphere are also crucial elements in place.

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