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Globalization Of Mcdonalds Essay

Globalisation is a difficult term to be set. That is because it means other things to other people. Yet as a summary, globalisation refers to the tendency toward nations joining together. According to Frost (2010 ) , globalisation refers to the global phenomenon of technical, economical, political and social exchanges, which are taken by contemporary communication, political selection, transportation and legal infrastructure. These are used to open cross-border connections among nations all around the globe in global trade , too as business. Globalisation is also the term accustomed to identify how people act with one another economically, politically, and culturally ( freeze, 2010) .
Mcdonald’s is one of the numerous corporations in the globe that actively seeks international markets in the globe through the usage of technology. Mcdonald’s has turn into a globalized and international firm as the consequence of the different technological advancements it has had over these years and also because of this growing number of countries in which it operates in.
Even as globalisation has two distinct facets of consequences on human race, in the knowledge of mcdonald’s globalisation, mcdonald’s impacts on consumers are also distinct, including positive effect and negative impact. “ Ronald McDonald ” is mcdonald’s “ head spirit man ”, and he has endured for almost 50 years. Previously, kids, young, parents and other industry segments were acquainted with amiable “ Ronald McDonald ”, who was the great “ brand ambassador ”. Mcdonald’s corporate culture is the form of family-happy society, which emphasises its influences of happy attitude.

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