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How Did John Proctor Die Essay

In Arthur miller's The Crucible, John Proctor, The respected and unsuccessful farmer of Salem, prefers to die rather than to make The false declaration to witchcraft. Some might see the function as that of the selfless victim; in contrast, it may more readily be seen as the peak of human folly in the face of vanity and pride. John Proctor is, at first, ready to give up the false declaration that his life may be saved. Inevitably, John Proctor possesses the fateful dimension known to fall fatal to some human race- feeling. While he has, So, been embarrassed of his numerous sins throughout his lifetime, proctor's spirit even clings to his feeling and his great family, yet soiled it may have …show more content…
This crucible John proctor’s great difference one of those roles at “ the crucible ” that undergoes the great difference is John Proctor Proctor is one of these most significant characters and he gradually changes throughout the course of the play. There were some modifications in this novel that crucible at this character John Proctor but the things that stands out the most are these: John Proctor in the start of this book tells his wife about the affair, His partner retaliates by detesting him for it.
This Crucible John Proctor is The character at The Crucible. He turns into the person who struggles for what is good. As this history moves on, these mysteries of Proctor are uncovered, and it is revealed that he committed adultery with Abigail Williams. In situation, before he is hung, Proctor takes, “ Who would judge me. God at paradise, what is John Proctor, what is John Proctor? ” John Proctor was the stupid spirit who found what he really thought, and did not refuse what he decided to believe.

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