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Hubris In The Odyssey Essay

Rage unchecked by the sense of risk is often typical of Hybris. You don’ ’t see the reckoning coming when you hurt somebody, because you are the strong male character, and the reason that this is occurring in Homer is frequently—THE WARNERS! When the Iliad started, Agamemnon was insulting that Reverend Chryses whose girl Chryseis he had gotten for the mistress, and ‘ that Achaeans ’ told ‘ don’ ’t do it, Agamemnon, respect the priest. ’ Guess what. Apollo, whose Reverend Chryses was, only happened to be flying by the day. And he made change the plague on ‘ the Achaeans ’ that pushed Agamemnon to make Chryseis back. Agamemnon suffered face, then he insisted on getting Achilles ’ concubine Briseis at recompense. Two other WARNERS go up: Athena, who warns Achilles not to take his weapon in reply. She equals obeyed. And Nestor, who discourages both of them from happening not to argue when these Trojans represent their opponent, not each other, and Nestor is dismissed.
One instance of arrogance in the journey is with Odysseus and the giant Polyphemus. Odysseus tricks Polyphemus and he eludes with this number of his forces. As they are sailing Although, his arrogance gets over and he shouts backwards in Polyphemus that his family is Odysseus and he was the boy of Laeretes (100 ) . The instance of arrogance is one of the greatest in the epic. The case is what prevents Odysseus from being able to journey home. Polyphemus ’ dad was Poseidon and he was angered in the reality that Odysseus got dimmed and harmed his boy. Poseidon’’s purpose so turned into to prevent Odysseus from returning to Ithaca.
To begin, within the course of the journey, Odysseus exhibits arrogance through some of his actions. The most obvious example in which Odysseus demonstrates arrogance is while he and his men are attempting to flee from the giant Polyphemus. They take the demon until it reaches out, and then stab him with the timber in his single heart. Polyphemus, now blinded, removes this large rock blocking Odysseus ’ way, and waits for the men to go, so he will destroy them. These forces flee from this cave to their boat by attaching themselves under flocks of rams, so they will easily slide by. (470 ).

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