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Impressionism Vs Post Impressionism Essay

Someone has learnt to artistically express himself through art since some thousand years ago. It is the art of using color, colour, and color on the device to create illustrations of pictures, objects, people, and creatures. There are some art styles, visual components, methods, and techniques that are employed by the artist. There exist: Conceptual, Photo-Realism, surrealism, modernity, impressionism, and postimpressionism. Impressionism was the art change which began in France in the nineteenth century. This period was inferred from this name of the art by Claude painter, “ thought, Soleil levant. ” jointly with Edgar Degas, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Sisley, Morisot, and Pissaro, they were several of the most famous impressionist painters.


Post-Impressionism (also spelled Postimpressionism) is a predominantly French art movement that developed roughly between 1886 and 1905; from the last Impressionist exhibition to the birth of Fauvism. Post-Impressionism emerged as a reaction against Impressionists’ concern for the naturalistic depiction of light and colour. Due to its broad emphasis on abstract qualities or symbolic content, Post-Impressionism encompasses Neo-Impressionism, Symbolism, Cloisonnism, Pont-Aven School, and Synthetism, along with some later Impressionists' work. The movement was led by Paul Cézanne, Paul Gauguin, Vincent van Gogh, and Georges Seurat.


Post-Impressionism developed from Impressionism. During the 1880s several artists began to develop different precepts for the use of colour, pattern, form, and line, derived from the Impressionist example: Vincent van Gogh, Paul Gauguin, Georges Seurat, and Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. These artists were slightly younger than the Impressionists, and their work is known as post-Impressionism. Some of the original Impressionist artists also ventured into this new territory; Camille Pissarro briefly painted in a pointillist manner, and even Monet abandoned strict plein air painting.


Paul Gauguin was a French post-impressionism artist. He was one of the artists whose work highly influenced the shift from impressionism to post-impressionism, though he was recognized and appreciated until he died. He was renowned for his experimental use of color and introduction of the synthetist style of art which has had a big influence on the modern art. Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec was a French painter. He is best known for depicting the colorful and theatrical life in Paris in art. This led to production of provocative, elegant and exciting images of life in those days.


Post-impressionist painters explored different directions and approaches to painting without concern about the appearance of their subjects. Post-Impressionism Continued Post-impressionism paved the way for the development of modern art, which was based largely on the emotions and concepts of the individual artist. -Vivid colors Impressionism Impressionism and Post-Impressionism By: Beth Morris Claude Monet.The Walk. Lady with a Parasol. 1875. Oil on canvas. National Gallery of Art, Washington DC, USA. Pierre-Auguste Renoir.La Grenouillère. 1869. Oil on canvas. National Museum, Stockholm, Sweden. Paul Gauguin.Still Life with Mangoes. 1896.


Impressionism and Post-impressionism represent two styles of art, between which there is some variation that differentiate them aside. Impressionism relates to the art style that concentrated more on colour and the creation of things in the true meaning. In contrast, it is firmly thought that post-impressionism evolved from impressionism as the opposing agent for the idea of spontaneous and physical usage of colour and light at impressionism. Though they have their conflicts, these are two of the most loved aesthetic moves in this world. They have both empowered this globe with artists with extraordinary talents.

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