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Published: 17-09-2019

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Important: This essay is not a finished work, it is only an outline that needs refinement and formatting.
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Is There Too Much Pressure on Girls to Have Perfect Bodies?

Girls today are faced with stress and expectations from society. They are consistently worrying about numerous posts and pictures of overwhelming thin, lovely females. With the rise of social media, the stress to dress up, place on heavy contoured make-up, strike a pose and upload flawless, filtered photographs to attract a number of likes is a prospective supply of insecurity. Our generation is facing unattainable appearance pressure to be perfect. With the pressure of their parents, in certain, mothers, who are known to stress their daughters into losing weight, social media portraying what lovely is through “retouched and unrealistic models,” and their peer’s acceptance and approval forcing these young girls to go to the extreme just for the goal of losing weight.” It is now upon girls to appear a particular way in order to really feel accepted and appealing to millions.

Parents can have a robust influence in the formation and upkeep of their teens. According to Ricciardelli & McCabe state in their write-up “Who Thinks I Require a Excellent Body” that, “mothers have consistently been found to act as social reinforces and function models for attitudes toward physique image amongst adolescent girls.” Hence, mothers are frequently essential of their daughter’s weight or of their own, which leads to a unfavorable impact on their daughter’s physique image. Even if they are cautious in telling their adolescences constructive issues, mothers attitudes toward themselves trickle down to their young children. These comments can result in the belief that they are not worthy unless their weight falls within a particular variety. In contrast, the role of fathers in relation to their daughter’s body dissatisfaction do not seem to have a key influence. McCabe informs us that, “Studies show fathers have a tendency to give constructive messages.” This is since some fathers are quite influential and encourage a optimistic body image in their daughters, which sticks with them for much of their life.

Social media has had a huge influence when it comes to body image among adolescent girls. Have been living in a world that has permitted the media to portray the perfect body. Many girls are aspired with several celebrities posting altered and airbrushed photos of themselves providing the young generation a false image of what their standard body appears like. Samantha Levine, deputy press secretary, says “she had been moved by stories of little girls wearing physique-shaping undergarments and obtaining plastic surgery to enhance their look.” Moreover, the pressure to have a excellent body has hit these young girls the hardest for wanting to increase their appearance by “opting to go beneath the knife.” Plastic surgeon Michael Salzhauer, also identified as Dr. Miami, agrees that social media has been an “enormous influence on the increase of cosmetic surgery, among young folks.” He believes “they are doing it simply because they are seeing themselves on social media from different angles next to models like Kylie Jenner and Kim K.” A lot of celebrities are bombarding teens social media feeds with countless selfies, in particular, Kim K who is known to flaunt her voluptuous figure to the world. These girls are following her each and every day move by undergoing surgery to obtain this specific body trending only to preserve up, and make themselves appear like absolutely everyone else.

Peer stress and body image has had an impact on how girls perceive themselves. For a lot of young girls, peer competitors has produced a unfavorable self image that has impacted so several. The want to look lovely increases substantially when they see nicely liked girls becoming praised by their fellow peers. According to clinical psychologist Stephanie Newman, PhD, author of Mad Guys on the Couch, “adolescents use close friends and fashion to bolster their self-esteem….at times teens can be ostracized for not wearing what everyone else is wearing or for attempting also challenging to copy a peer they admire.” Several girls are dressing alike and depriving themselves to minimize the size of their body only to reach the requirements to belong to a peer group.

Adolescence is a time of “emotional and psychological transformations” With all of the focus on the body’s look, girls want to be reminded to give equal worth to other essential elements of themselves, such as character, inner strengths, mental aptitudes, and artistic and musical talents, which, along with physique image, contribute to general self-image.
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