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Published: 14-12-2019

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Jackson Wang - Chinese K-Pop Singer

Jackson Wang is certainly a triple threat. The famous Chinese entertainer is a rapper, singer and dancer. He is also a member of the common K-Pop group, GOT 7. He has notably appeared on the Korean reality television show Roommate.

Jackson was he was born in Hong Kong, on the 28th of March, 1994. For his secondary education, he attended the American International College Hong Kong, a private international school.

Jackson Wang comes from a family of athletes which could clarify why the organic athleticism he often displays.

Although Jackson Wang is continuously in the limelight, not a lot is recognized about his older brother. All that is recognized is that Jackson’s brother lives in Australia and has a daughter named Aimee, Jackson’s niece. The musician also has an adopted younger sister who lost her parents and was taken in by the singer’s family. Jackson’s father, Wang Ruiju, was a prominent fencer and a gold medalist at the Asian Games during his time. He also competed in the summer Olympics of 1984 and 1988. His mother on the other hand, Sophia Chow, is retired gymnast and was also a gold medalist at the Planet Gymnastics Championship and at Olympics games. His maternal grandfather, Zhou Youg Chang, who died in 2017, was the pioneer of Ultra Sound Diagnostic Medicine of Mainland China.

Jackson Wang has an estimated total net worth is estimated at $1.5 million, which is pretty impressive for a man who never ever intended to go into show company. His parents had intended for him to stick to their footsteps into sports. He was trained in fencing, taking soon after his father, and also later participated in important National competitions for youth. Nonetheless, he later shifted his attention to music and entertainment, a decision that paid off as he is now he is a prominent dancer, singer and rapper.

In July 2011, Jackson Wang moved to Seoul to begin his K-pop instruction, which went swimmingly effectively. Following more than two years of training, Jackson debuted as member of the newly formed group, GOT 7. The band launched their career with the single “Girls Girls Girls”. Apart from performing with GOT 7, Jackson became active as an actor on each with Korean and Chinese dramas. He also moonlights as an MC on a number of television shows.

When he was 1st introduced, he went by the stage name J-Flawless and though he no longer utilizes the name, some of his fans still address him by it.

Apart from music, Jackson has appeared on many television shows including SNL Korea, Happy Collectively, Roommate, Hit maker, and Star King.

At the 2014 SBS Entertainment Awards, due to his rising recognition, Jackson Wang was received the Newcomer Award.

Embarking on a solo profession on the side, Jackson decided to adopt a sound various from the hip hop GOT7 was identified for. Given that he was constantly a fan of classical music, he chose to make classical music for his solo effort.

Jackson Wang is not married yet and also does not have a girlfriend presently. The musician broke up with his previous girlfriend just before he signed his contract with JYP entertainment, stating that he wanted to be financially stabled prior to dating anyone.

Even though he is now successful, he has nevertheless selected to remain single.

Jackson Wang is 5ft 9in tall and weighs 63 kg. Getting a expert dancer and a pop star, it need to not be surprising that he is in incredible shape. His schedule is physically demanding sufficient but Jackson also operates out and eats nicely to keep in shape.

Other Facts About Jackson Wang
  • His favorite film is Mirage In Cell No 7 and he ends up crying whenever he watches it since the movie is fairly sad.
  • Jackson particularly enjoys a very good burger. He also loves possessing chicken and cheese too, although, the musician is not a fan of spicy foods.
  • Jackson speaks six languages fluently. The languages are English, French, Japanese, Korean, Cantonese and Mandarin.
  • Jackson was also a Sabre fencer for Hong Kong’s fencing group. In the 2010 Summer Youth Olympics, he was ranked eleventh overall but in 2011, he won 1st spot at the Asian Junior and Cadet Fencing Championships.
  • Following passing his auditions for JYP entertainment, a South Korean talent agency, he turned down the scholarship he was offered to attend the prestigious Stanford University.
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