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Published: 14-12-2019

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Important: This essay is not a finished work, it is only an outline that needs refinement and formatting.
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Kidnapping offences in Malaysia

Even though Malaysia’s crime price has significantly reduced (a fall of 47% of crime as reported by preceding Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of House Affairs), we nonetheless need to not forget that crimes nevertheless exists. On this, we shall concentrate on the crime of kidnapping.

Kidnapping, as defined by the Malaysian Penal Code, is taking or enticing away a minor with out the consent of a legal guardian or taking a particular person away from Malaysia with out consent of that particular person or without having legal authority to do so. In similarity, abduction refers to an induction by force or deceitful signifies for a individual to go to any other areas.

In 2014, 2015 kids were reported missing and 1782 missing youngsters have been reported in 2015, with Johor being the state with the highest recorded quantity of instances, followed by Selangor and Kedah. It appears that girls are frequently targeted as 1536 of the instances reported in 2014 had been of small girls even though boys had been involved in 474 instances. As a culmination of 2014 and 2015 kidnapping cases, Malays were the highest number with 2691 instances, followed by other races with 596 instances and Indians with 409 instances and Chinese being the lowest with 241 situations.

As of 2017, it was reported that there were 4 kids that go missing daily nationwide and while half of these situations have been youngsters operating away for a taste of freedom, it remains that a substantial number of young children are nonetheless missing each day.

A notable case from the previous was the kidnapping of the eight-year-old Nurin Jazlin in 2007, who was being kidnapped and death, came as a large shock to the nation. Nurin was kidnapped at Wangsa Maju and her physique was found in a duffle bag, showing indicators of strangulation and sexual assault. The brutality of this case led to public outcry for the death penalty to be used against these convicted of such crimes.

It is unfortunate to report that Nurin’s case will not be the final as lately in March of 2018, there was a reported case of 2 siblings getting kidnapped from their kindergarten. Raheel Khan, aged of six and his sister, Aleya Reyhana, aged of four were taken away by a lady when it was their aunt that was supposed to pick them up. However, it was suspected that it might be their biological mother, who was a New Zealander searching for to bring them back to her property nation, that picked them up as their parents have been divorced.

This is exactly where the lines are blurred as is it nonetheless a kidnapping if the parents are the ones to do so? Young children abducted or retained overseas by their parents can be returned to their habitual nation by the courts of that country as per the 1980 Hague Convention on the Civil Elements of International Kid Abduction. But Malaysia has not signed this convention and ‘kidnapping’ by biological parents to bring their children right here may not be against the law.

Nonetheless, not all kidnappings are perpetrated by parents but by strangers or child molesters. Most kidnappers have a modus operandi when it comes to selecting a victim. In ransom situations, the kidnapper will usually comply with measures: target selection, arranging, deployment, attack, exploitation and escape (Maher, 2017). Even so, not all kidnappings are seeking for ransom. Human trafficking plays a large part in each kidnappings and abductions as Malaysia’s underage sex industry is blooming and kid beggars are a lucrative supply of earnings.

Additionally, terrorism-primarily based abductions are also on the rise. Most notably, the incidents of a string of abduction in Sabah by the Islamic militant group Abu Sayyaf. These militant groups use kidnaping as a means to fund their terrorism activities as the ransom they demand can be a large amount given that they kidnap numerous folks at when. These repeated kidnappings can be contributed to corruption and information leaks by border security.

In spite of that, The Royal Malaysian Navy has been actively taking actions to combat these abductions, going so far as imposing a dawn to dusk curfew and collaborating with the Philippines and Indonesia to instate joint patrols off the coast of the Sulu Sea.

It is also evident that the Malaysian Government has taken a difficult line against kidnapping as it is 1 of the couple of crimes that warrants mandatory death penalty as a punishment. Nevertheless, because the government may program to abolish the mandatory death penalty (Mohsen, 2018), the public can rest assured that kidnapping nonetheless carries a harsh sentence such as life imprisonment and whipping.

In addition, following the tragic death of Nurin Jazlin back in 2007, the government has since set up a missing youngster alert system recognized as the National Urgent Response (NUR) Alert whereby government agencies and the public get info on a missing youngster by means of various signifies of communication and recently, the Royal Malaysian Police has also announced plans to incorporate NUR Alert into Facebook.

The government has also been considering a sexual offender’s registry which would enhance awareness with regards to sexual offenders that may live in our communities as a considerable quantity of kidnapping instances includes sexual assault too. The creation of this registry would be under the authority of the Women, Household and Neighborhood Improvement Ministry and be enforced beneath the Child Act 2001, following suitable amendments.

As a result, is kidnapping not a threat for you? Consider again. Chris Falkenberg alleged that as the financial crisis continues, not only children are targeted, even adults are at the threat to be abducted, specifically those who demonstrate or possess a level of fortune and business attainment.

Even though Malaysia continues to be regarded as a a lot-urbanized nation, stronger safety actions should be exercised with regard to decrease the price of crime, predominantly in kidnapping. However, there are nonetheless particular hidden issues ought to be drawn to the consideration which eventually created kidnapping prevalent around the globe, such as unemployment, poverty, illiteracy, religion, greed, politics and corruption.

It is not just the relevant authorities’’ responsibilities to carry out the short-term action plans to reduce the rate of kidnapping in Malaysia, it is also about the individual’s responsibilities to keep a moderate living lifestyle by avoiding wearing eye-catching things that will attract the attention of the public. Other than that, conversation involving huge amount of funds ought to be avoided in public as properly because this could imply that you possess a wealthy background and will likely place you in danger.

Meanwhile, one need to not expose as well significantly info about themselves or their family members members on social media. It is not needed to flaunt pricey and lavish living lifestyles or new assets acquired. Data like location should be created invisible on the social media by turning off the GPS functionality when not in use. Most users are not aware of their personal and sensitive information getting disclosed in detailed on the social media when they access it.

Apart from, there must be an initiative urging the Malaysia government and the nearby authorities, media, community groups and NGO’s to raise awareness and educate the public by way of activities like awareness connected speech with approaches to stop kidnapping. There is also a want to boost the awareness level of kidnapping to the public and producing positive that they could take preventive actions to safeguard themselves in the changing environment.

Moving on, there are a number of long-term action plans which could be taken to overcome the rate of kidnapping in Malaysia. Parents are urged to hold in track of their youngsters and to offer them needed protection. Parents always want the best for their kids. Sadly, parents these days do not comprehend that it is equally essential to draw attention on the security precautions to their children. Kids are not matured sufficient to make appropriate judgment when provided the complicated circumstance to them, they probably may possibly not be in a position to react in time when a sudden danger occurs.

At all time, young young children must usually be closely supervised by their parents. As they develop older, parents ought to start briefing them on the security problems. The parents need to empower young children to voice up against strangers if they have committed an action that made them really feel uncomfortable. Parents ought to stop taking things for granted and ultimately place the blame on other individuals when one thing undesirable turns up.

Moreover, the common public nowadays has grow to be indifferent and passive about the safety of others. Nevertheless, if this happened to a person close to you, there need to surely be a sense of urgency to appear for that youngster. It is time for us as a society to look out for every single other as if we are a huge household. Folks should be much more sympathetic and empathetic, showing concern which may possibly result in a crime to be avoided, saving a life and a household from misfortune and heartache.

In this piece, what is the conceivable extended-term action that must be taken by the Malaysia government and the Royal Malaysian Police to ensure better safety in Malaysia, which is the foremost priority to reduce the price of kidnapping? To start with, government ought to strive to make Malaysia a safer spot as properly as have the political reform to promote peace in the nation and boost the complete police organization nationally.

In the past, the Royal Malaysian Police showed the standard apathy and carelessness in their responsibilities which has led the public to question the usefulness of public solutions and wonder if those employed are just seeking for an simple job. Time is gold, a quick delay of investigations would be detrimental to the case and in some situations, it is the difference in between life and death. As trained experts, the police must have known the manner in which they must conduct their investigations. Maybe, a stricter operational policing must be implemented to guarantee the national safety. Malaysian police force is also low on members and extra measures should be taken to improve numbers as to increase efficiency.

In addition, with an aim to decrease the price of parental kidnapping, the government must contemplate signing the aforementioned convention or perhaps introduce a bill relating to to this situation.

To conclude, normally, Malaysia is still a secure spot for all. Nonetheless, there is no harm of practicing widespread sense and precautions to stop kidnapping. Though the government has taken significant measures to overcome this situation, there is still area for much more improvement. The public also plays a large preventative function in this and further exposure of this subject will benefit all.

With this written assignment, collectively as a group, we have realized the severity of kidnapping in Malaysia. It is straightforward to appear at the news and be desensitized but when in truth, it could happen to any person and it only takes a split second for a beloved family members member to be taken away. It produced us sympathize with the victims of this crime and cherish the safety we usually take for granted. We hope that this issue receives a lot more coverage and that the youngsters that are at present missing might be safely reunited with their households.
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