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Published: 04-09-2019

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Important: This essay is not a finished work, it is only an outline that needs refinement and formatting.
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Main Character of The Moment Before the Gun Went Off

Marmais van der Vyver is the protagonist, an Afrikaner farmer who accidentally kills one of his farm boys.

Other characters in the Story: Van der Vyver’s wife and youngsters, Captain Beetge, Lucas, Lucas’ mother, wife and young children, etc. These are secondary characters whose role was to boost how Marmais van der Vyver relates to the tragic accident of shooting his son.

One of the first issues we get to know about Van der Vyver is that he deeply regrets shooting Lucas and that he did not do this intentionally, that makes the reader sympathize with him. The regret can be noticed in the reality that he right away goes to the police station right after the accident, carrying the boy in his arms. At the police station he gives a statement, shaking and crying from what had just occurred. This shows his sensitive side really well “He was shaking, this large, calm, clever son of Willem Van der Vyver, who inherited the old man’s best farm.”.“The captain was ashamed for him, and walked out to give him a likelihood to recover himself”.

Van der Vyver has great positive traits like him being a respectful celebration member. He is also a shy individual “everyone in the district remembers Marias van der Vyver as a small boy who would go away and hide himself if he caught you smiling at him”. Van der Vyver has a sense of humor “the farmer was practically laughing with relief, ready to tease”.

These aspects of van der Vyver push the reader to like him. The author has built the character of van der Vyver in an incredibly distinctive way as the story goes. After introducing him to the reader, the reader thinks that he knows him really properly, and as the story continues the author reveals new things to prove the reader incorrect. Van der Vyver is introduced as a successful party member. He is cold and reserved “”””this coldness and reserve””””.

At the very starting the reader realizes that van der Vyver has killed his worker and that no one will think him “”””Marais Van der Vyver shot a single of his farm laborers, dead.”””” “”””None of the individuals will believe him”””” depending on the information offered, the reader may contemplate Marmais guilty, but these thoughts disappears as the story continues. The reader then figures out that Marmais is a shy individual and that he regrets the death of Lucas, his illegal son. The way of presenting the character suits the theme of the story quite effectively. The way a factor is noticed is not necessarily how it actually is.

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