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Mark Twain Realism Essay

American realism is the writing method that was most commonly practiced between the ages of 1865 to in 1910. It was mostly a reaction to the romantics of this period who thought that man would defeat evil, that he was some sort of God. The realists disagreed, believing The person to be just a person. It’s authors commonly arose from the region or Midwest and included Mark Twain, W.D. Howells, and Henry saint. Twain’’s “ The person Who Corrupted Hadleyberg ” is one good example of realist writing and one that can be analyzed later in The essay.
Reality brought about results and characters with-in stories that would be easily thought and linked too. The primary writer within this end of realism was Mark Twain with his book The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Mark Twain integrated his personal reality experiences into the novels he published. Twain conveys some opinions within society of this period of time. Twain accurately and vividly identifies backgrounds, situations, and emotions. Twain's portrayal of the motivations and events of the main character in this book represent the most crucial part of how this story incorporates reality.
Mark Twain uses reality in his stories because they are from actual things that might occur in time. Twain depicts his stories in such a way that all readers will get the understanding of these roles. Twain also makes his audience the visual that makes the audience want to know what would happen next. The audience can easily get on twain’’s characters in the cultural or an emotional perspective; his study gives the audience a clear experience by placing his job in detail, especially about the character’s emotions. His narrative choices do you think the role’s emotions.

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