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Maslow Humanist Theory Essay

The aim of The essay was to examine and contrast two competing mental theories of human behavior. These two hypotheses that were selected were Erik erikson's 'Eight levels of being growth' and Abraham maslow's 'Humanistic concept of self-actualisation '. These were selected because of the basic differences of These approaches to human development they refer to. Erikson's concept came from the psychoanalytical setting, where we are born as a white canvas and improve our personality within our childhood. Whereas maslow's concept is from the humanist setting, and brings a far more holistic approach to developing and of our 'uniqueness '. ( ). It also demonstrates our potential to improve around the entire life cycle and not only during childhood. The essay has indicated that although there are some similarities between these two possibilities there are a far greater amount of conflicts.


Humanistic theory focuses on the positive attributes to what they considered it is to be human. To better understand some of the attributes and notions of humanistic theory the following paper analysis’s two humanistic theories in turn; specifically Maslow’s conception of self-actualization and Rogers phenomenological based personality theory. This is followed by discussing some strengths and limitations to humanistic theories in understanding relationships, others and the self. Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs


This term self-actualization owes its origins to the humanist mental concept, most notably the possibilities of Abraham Maslow. Maslow coined this term self-actualization to identify the development of the individual toward fulfilment of their highest demands, those most innovative conceptions and “ huge doubts ” humans contend with, such as the pursuit of the meaning of life.


Is comparable to Nightingale that guided me as a nurse educator using the Maslow 's humanistic theory that is best known for identifying the hierarchy of needs which played an important role in human motivation. At the bottom of Maslow 's hierarchy are physiological needs, safety needs, the needs of belonging and love, self esteem and at the top of the hierarchy are self-actualization needs (Bastable, S. (2014, p.87). Maslow 's hierarchy in relation to my nursing career is meeting with my own physiological


Natural and humanistic theories have several approaches on the account of personality growth; yet they do share a couple of similarities. Abraham Maslow developed the Hierarchy of needs theory to explain personality growth as the part of basic human needs and his pyramid demonstrates how fulfilling human wants influence personality activity. Maslow’s thought that in order for the person to achieve self-actualization, Which is the highest point on the pyramid they first had to fulfill basic needs , e.g., physical and then mental needs and within these phases those experiences could bring to personality formation.


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