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Mcdonald'S Business Strategy Essay

We learn the most important way to develop this job and make value for all of our stakeholders is by serving more customers more frequently. This’s reason we’re focused on making customers what they truly need: Warm, delicious food served quickly – with the overall education and value for their wealth that meets their rising expectations.
Mcdonald’s business strategy is centred in both development and operational quality. These cornerstones of its competitive advantage represent both its people and its operations. By cautiously enrolling and choosing its people, mcdonald’s ensures that consumer service-oriented people are employed. Mcdonald’s so trains more skills required for better business performance. By describing and tracking the people factors that impact enterprise outcomes, the organization is able to measure and continually change the adjustment between its staffing and business strategies.
In the report I can identify McDonald's business strategy and how it distinguishes itself from the competitor and identify the origins that create the foundations of its competitive advantage. I can reveal how they have aligned their job, human resources and staffing strategies and been productive through the recession. Lastly I would talk about some potential talent-related threats that might take out at McDonald's competitive advantage and answer this question about the higher turnover rate in the hard labour market being a problem.

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