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Netflix Business Strategy Essay

On Thursday, as Netflix does sporadically, it stated it rose quick but not quick enough in some pockets to still questions about whether its strategy is good. This company brought the astonishing 8.84 million net new paying clients for its streaming service globally in the 4th quarter. Netflix today has 139 million people in the globe paying to transmit television shows and movies to their houses and smartphones. For instance, Netflix stated it expects to make 1.6 million current paying customers in the USA in the first quarter, down from about 2.3 million added in this one end in 2018. It’s natural that Netflix would make it harder to get new customers for its service today that the number of U.S. Households with instant internet access already agree and costs are rising. But the natural delay in development isn’ ’t what Netflix wants to appear. The shark must continue swimming.


There are many factors that go into how Netflix is able to generate profit with this business model. First and foremost, Netflix uses a subscription-based revenue model. This came about after adopting a more emergent business strategy to better adapt to feedback being provided by its customers. Netflix initially used a revenue model similar to that of the brick and mortar video rental stores with the thought that the convenience factor of having discs mailed directly to your home would outweigh the inconvenience of having to wait the extra time it took to ship the discs.


Netflix should be concerned about its business model and they should think more seriously about advertisements as their business model along with subscription, to survive in the online streaming industry. Netflix has to think quickly otherwise rumors of Disney, Apple or Amazon acquiring Netflix may be true.


Coming under the umbrella of E-commerce and running as the business-to-consumer (B2C ) corporation Netflix had to create specific marketing strategies in order to grow successful in the American industry. `` the content marketing strategy in Netflix-as a matter of fact, the company strategy overall-is to offer a good consumer experience. We don't need our customers liking this service; we actually need them knowing it. '' Being the E-commerce company Netflix employs marketing and advertising methods , e.g., intense online banner advertisements, TV commercials, and advertisements before the beginning of film trailers during the pre-show period in theaters.


Until, that is, they happen at the docuseries on Netflix. Although Netflix is barely the single structure for documentaries and docuseries, its limit is singularly strong. At 2017, Netflix said Business Insider that 73% of its readers saw in least one movie that year prior, amounting to around 68 million people who saw the Netflix documentary in 2016, according to the New York Times. When it comes to serialized knowledge, netflix’s streaming strategy lends itself to marathon binge meetings, encouraging readers to consume whole program at one sitting.


Let's take Netflix — the perfect example of a 21st century business. Netflix hasn't focused on finding or implementing their 'Unique Sustainable Advantage', but rather, their strategy is ever-changing. In fact, one could say that their strategy is to be agile in business. They've gone from an online DVD rental service, to an online streaming business, to becoming a content producer in just 10 years. Impressive.

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