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Nursing Research Article Critique Example Essay

The essay evaluates the quantitative research section which has relevance to healthcare knowledge, because it deals with the degenerative condition and one which is prevalent in international populations. This writer can examine Tangkawanich and others (2008 P 216) ‘ Causal framework of well-being: Health-related quality of life at people living with HIV/AIDS in the North part of Thailand. ’ This article is published in a reputable journal, The book of nursing and Health Sciences which addresses topics of interest and involvement to nurses internationally, and as much, provides proper insight into HIV/AIDS and healthcare within The worldwide context.


Undertaking the review of the research piece may be difficult at first, but will help you to assess whether this piece has relevance to your personal knowledge and work. Reading a single piece will be as a springboard into exploring this subject more widely and helps in ensuring the healthcare knowledge remains new and is supported by existing literature.


This paper will critique a qualitative research study published in the Journal of Medical Ethics in 2004, By Dr Helen Aveyard, about how nurses manage patients who refuse nursing care procedures. The article explains how nurses view informed consent as not being essential to nursing care procedures. Problem Statement The clinical problem being examined in the research study is the way in which nurses obtain consent prior to administering nursing care procedures, and the way nurses manage patients who refuse any nursing care procedures.


This piece being critiqued on cost released into the Nursing period; Nursing period has existed at world since 1906, it is one of great britain's biggest publishers as it has constant printed materials. It has a respected issue regarding up to date practices, articles, business issues and information for nurses in the UK (nursing experience, 2013) . Therefore, this book is likely from their most contemporary article been published in the highly regarded periodical (Rubin and others, 2010) .


This course explores the evolution of nursing theory and its contribution to advanced nursing science. A major focus of this course will be the examination of the purpose of nursing theory, and how to analyze, critique, and evaluate the components of theory for use in nursing practice and research. The importance of concepts to nursing practice, as well as theory development, will be examined. Multiple theories from nursing and relevant fields will be explored relative to nursing education, nursing leadership, nursing research, and nursing practice.


Lately there have been some changes that organisations are trying to intergrate so that more women will remain a part of the upper management job and reach their desire. Some of these lessons are work from family, flexible timing and so forth. There are some recommendations that I would like to propose this may assists in shifting the knowledge and mind-set of specific people towards glass ceiling. These recommendations are:

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